Trolli-Themed Xbox Series S Revealed

Collaborations between video games and other well-known companies are nothing new. For many years, popular games have been featured on a variety of consumer items, such as when Pokemon teamed up with McDonald’s to bring the famed video game series to Happy Meals.

These collaborations between firms, which offer limited-edition goods to collect, are typically a positive thing for fans. Xbox just revealed a new collaboration with Trolli, showing a unique Xbox Series S console design.

Trolli is a German confectionery business. The firm has grown in popularity across the world by selling a variety of items such as gummy candies, marshmallows, and soft licorice gums. The brand’s brightly colored packaging is one of its distinguishing qualities. Xbox appears to have taken note and has chosen to create a system based on the multicolored candy, giving Trolli another candy firm to collaborate with video games.

Trolli XBOX 20th Anniversary Bundle

Xbox just announced a limited-edition Trolli design for the Xbox Series S in an announcement. As part of the Xbox and Trolli collaboration, the console’s design includes contrasting pink and blue edges with a black stripe running down the center. There are also many of the trademark Trolli candy worms in the design.

Fans may enter to win this unique console by purchasing eligible Trolli goods and then redeeming the receipt for a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. They must then go to and fill out the registration form to be eligible to win. In addition to the Xbox Series S, the prize package includes a Trolli-themed Xbox Wireless Controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

In addition to this limited-edition Xbox Series X package, some Trolli sweets will have special artwork based on famous Xbox franchises such as Halo Infinite, Sea of Thieves, Psychonauts 2, and Destiny 2. A month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is included with each purchase of these limited-edition Trolli sour gummi sweets, in addition to the special packaging. Fans may also discover more about Xbox’s origins by visiting the Trolli Xbox Wormhole site.


Aside from Trolli, Xbox has recently collaborated with Rockstar Energy. The two businesses have collaborated to bring Halo Infinite artwork to various varieties of Rockstar Energy drinks. Additionally, individuals who buy these beverages receive in-game benefits as well as the chance to win additional prizes. These limited-edition Rockstar Energy drinks will be available until December 8, the day Halo Infinite is released.

With renowned companies working with Xbox, such as Trolli sweets and Rockstar Energy, it’s an exciting moment to be a fan of the gaming firm. Aside from these recent campaigns, it will be fascinating to see with which additional businesses Xbox collaborates in the coming days.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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