Twitch Streamer Holds the Record for Longest Ongoing Stream


Most of the news you’ll find regarding Twitch this year are related to bans, but this is not the case for this Twitch streamer who is reaching a whole new record for the platform. At the moment, the streamer known as GPHustla is holding the record of the longest ongoing stream in Twitch history.

The stream is ongoing as we speak, clocking in at over 1000 hours. Initially, the stream was supposed to be just a 24-hour marathon, but as you can see, things didn’t go the way GPHustla originally planned.

If you check out the stream, you can expect to view a variety of content from the Twitch streamer. For instance, you will find gameplay, along with daily shenanigans such as sleeping, among other life responsibilities.

As a matter of fact, GPHustla’s entire life – or at least his life for the past 1000 hours – has been on full display for the world to see due to this ongoing stream. It’s safe to say that his stream has broken the previous Twitch record of Reecesy, which was only 200 hours.


No one knows how long GPHustla plans to keep this going, but we assume that he has no plans of stopping anytime soon given how enthusiastic he is about all of this. He even mentioned that he wants to break the official Guinness World Record for streaming length, although he plans to officially attempt this on January 1st, 2021.

So far, everything is going as smoothly as possible and there are no complaints or issues relating to the stream’s length. The audience seems to be supportive of the streamer, so hopefully this – along with GPHustla’s positive demeanor – will continue until the Twitch marathon ends.

This ongoing stream started back in August, which means that GPHustla’s life has been on display for well over a month now. If he continues to stream until January, which is when he will make an attempt at the Guinness World Records, then the original stream will be at 3000 hours.

As the stream’s hours continue to increase, more and more people have gotten curious about the stream as well. A lot of people keeping checking into GPHustla’s stream to see how he’s doing, as well as to take a peek at the live timer on the screen just to see how long the stream is already.

The stream doesn’t have a lot of simultaneous viewers, but a lot of people come and go just to keep tabs on what’s going on.

At the moment, GPHustla is considering himself to be the only 24/7 Twitch streamer, and rightfully so, since his entire life has been recorded since August when he decided to start this endeavor.


We still don’t know if other people will attempt to become 24/7 streamers too, especially since this seems to be a difficult thing to be given the fact that you will no longer have any privacy.

This could mean that GPHustla will be holding the record and the 24/7 streamer title for a long time, but who knows? Perhaps someone out there is willing to rise to the challenge.

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