Looking for a fast-charging cable for your iPhone 12 devices? Choose this iPhone 12 fast charger cable from ULTRAPROLINK. This product is now offered with a 15 percent off its tag price on Amazon. 

It supports PD fast-charging and quick data transfer. These USB-C to Lightning cables with upgraded connector support high-speed Power Delivery charging. The 480 Mbps data transmission speed allows you to transfer a 1GB file in less than 24 seconds.

This product also has a long and durable 10-foot cable. These 10-foot cables give you extended access to your phone while being charged. The ability to withstand excessive bending gives it a long lifespan. Plus, the durable aluminum alloy connectors meet the USB-IF standard of being plugged or unplugged 14,000 times. 

It is also MFi-certified. This MFi certification ensures that the cable will charge your phone quickly and safely. The cable will provide optimal voltage and stable current for your device, while also protecting the battery with over-voltage and over-charge protection. 

Not only these, but these cables are also compatible with both standard and PD charging for your iOS devices. When you plug the USB-C end into a PD charger, the cable will fast-charge iPhone 8 to iPhone 13 models.

Each package includes two MFi Certified USB-C to Lighting 10 feet cable. The product dimensions are 8.7 by 7.68 by 0.75 inches. This fast charger cable weighs 2.89 ounces.

Your smartphones deserve the best accessories. Shop now on Amazon to get the biggest deals on technology products.

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