Amazon Prime Video is a treasure trove of fantastic series and movies for subscribers to enjoy. However, there’s never a guarantee that these TV shows will keep getting more seasons, as many factors are involved in a show’s renewal. No matter how much you love a series, if the network decides to drop it, the chances of changing their minds are quite slim.

Many TV series have experienced this cancellation for whatever reason—it could be due to an internal conflict within the production team, the decreasing of viewer counts, or others. This can be extremely disappointing to the fans who want to watch their favorite show until it has a satisfying conclusion, and this is most likely what the Sneaky Pete fans felt when Amazon announced that they wouldn’t pick the show up for a fourth season.

In this article, we’ll dive into the possible reasons why Amazon decided to cancel Sneaky Pete after season 3.

Overview of Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete is a crime drama series about an ex-convict, Marius Josipović, who takes on the identity of his cellmate, Peter Murphy, in an attempt to start new and move past his old life. The show’s creators, Dave Shore and Bryan Cranston, initially created the series for CBS, and the pilot episode was first aired in 2015.

Amazon picked up the series shortly after, but it encountered some delays because Shore decided to leave the series. Graham Yost replaced him, and Sneaky Pete’s entire first season was broadcasted on Amazon Video by January 2017. By 2018, a second season for the show was released, followed by a third season by 2019.


Why Was the Show Cancelled?

To the fans’ surprise, Amazon announced in early June 2019 that it would be canceling Sneaky Pete. This announcement was unexpected, especially since all three seasons had high approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, and fans expected that the series would have many more seasons to come.

So, what’s the reason why Amazon dropped Sneaky Pete after only three seasons? It didn’t make sense for many fans, especially since Yost wasn’t a bad showrunner at all. In fact, he was an excellent showrunner because he has a lot of experience already working in the film industry. He’s well-known for being the show creator of FX’s Justified and writing Speed and Speed 2: Cruise Control.

Amazon never gave a specific reason why it decided to drop Sneaky Pete, which has caused many fans to speculate the exact reasons. For one thing, many suggested that the show’s decline began when Yost left the series by the end of season 2. Blake Masters replaced him as showrunner for season 3. This change in production likely contributed to the significant decline in viewer count by season 3.

Even though Sneaky Pete was still Amazon’s #1 show, the third season didn’t have as many viewers as the other seasons did. As such, this is a potential reason why Amazon decided to cancel the series. It’s actually quite baffling why Sneaky Pete’s viewing figures dropped, especially since Giovanni Ribisi stars as the leading character. He’s a well-established and popular actor, and he has a considerable fan base as well. That being said, he also became quite low-key and under the radar for the past couple of years.


Another theory for the show’s cancellation is that Amazon follows an ongoing much-criticized trend among major streaming services. The trend in question is when these platforms cancel a series early on, even though its storyline is far from over. Even Netflix was under fire by subscribers because of this.

Many streamers have complained that major streaming services, e.g., Amazon, Netflix, etc., are dropping series way too soon, just when the viewers begin to connect with the series’ characters and plot. Instead of renewing these series and making them long-running titles that fans can enjoy for many years, these platforms drop these up-and-coming shows after only a few seasons and replace them with something new, hoping that the newer title will attract new users.

According to a news report by The Hollywood Reporter, it’s plausible that Amazon is also following this tactic. A survey was recently conducted regarding Amazon’s shows, and it revealed that only 7% of Amazon original shows continued for more than three seasons. That’s not a very high percentage, and unfortunately, Sneaky Pete had the same fate as most of the shows in Amazon’s library. Seeing as this is a trend that the streaming service is following, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that Amazon dropped the 3-season show.

Sneaky Pete isn’t the only series that Amazon dropped in the last few months. As a matter of fact, fans noticed that the platform is going through what they call a “culling period.” Along with Sneaky Pete, several other TV series were suddenly canceled, including The Tick, Electric Dreams, Mozart in the Jungle, Dangerous Book for Boys, and The Man in the High Castle.

Now that many shows are coming to an end, this is Amazon’s chance to push for and release broader-focused series. After all, the major streaming platform once said that this is something that they want to do. They’re hoping that by diversifying their content, they’ll attract more people from different walks of life—enough that they’d use the platform and ultimately increase the viewing figures for all of their other content.


Some of the recent additions to the platform sound promising, however. These new titles include Jack Ryan, Good Omens, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Fleabag, The Boys, Goliath, Hannah, Homecoming, The Expanse, and many others. Other than that, Amazon also made a $250 million bid on none other than The Lord of the Rings, so the network probably has big plans for this world-renowned franchise.

Will the Show Ever Be Renewed?

Soon after it was revealed that Sneaky Pete would be canceled, the show’s loyal fans began a petition for its return. Many people signed the petition, but unfortunately, the creators didn’t seem to budge. Not only that, other major streaming platforms didn’t seem to be interested in picking up the show and continuining it on their own platform.

At this point, we’re sad to say that it’s not likely that Sneaky Pete would ever be renewed, so it’s best to erase all expectations of a season 4.


Being a fan of a TV show that gets prematurely canceled is devastating, no doubt about that. Despite the fans’ efforts, the creators seem adamant that Sneaky Pete will end at season 3.

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