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Wondering how to get more Instagram followers? Well, growing an online presence on Instagram has become a trend nowadays. Everyone with a profile, especially a business profile, wishes to reach a larger audience and increase their followers. However, it is not easy to grow organic followers with the discerning trends on Instagram.

In recent times, Instagram has constantly been offering new and fun tools and techniques that people can use to grow followers on their accounts. Among those, “Instagram Stories” is a creative way to create and present content to get more followers.

Approximately 500 million Instagram account holders use Instagram Stories to rope in followers and customers. In this, there is a 15-second time limit with a single video to engage your audience.

If you have not used this feature yet, do it now and see the difference. However, to ensure it works effectively, you must be aware of the tips and tricks to get your viewers to stay on your stories for longer. If handled right, the Instagram Story feature can be a powerful weapon for highly improved engagement and organic growth in Instagram accounts. Find out here.

How Can Instagram Stories Give Your Business A Boost

The Instagram Story feature can help you in many ways apart from helping you gain organic followers. They help you to elevate your visual content strategy about 10 times more. Let’s find out.

  • You can increase your Instagram engagement.
  • It will help in enhancing brand recognition.
  • You can interact with your audience and reach more people fast.
  • You can generate leads with ease.
  • It will help boost sales.
  • You can get instant feedback for your offered products or services.

Effective Strategies to Get Amazing Results from Instagram Stories

To get the results you expect, you must know ‘How To Use Instagram Stories The Right Way’. Here are a few useful tips to get more Instagram followers using Instagram Stories.

  • Create Engaging Stories- Make sure your story is highly engaging. This is the key to success. Spend time on making visually appealing and informative stories to engage with your audience. Be a storyteller or share your thoughts and ideas with the community. When it comes to the designing part, you have got lots of options to add stickers and filters to media, overlay text, emojis, and so on. Nothing should hold you back from creating fascinating Instagram stories.
  • Reuse your content: Repurpose your blog content to make an Instagram story. Use your creativity and reuse your content to come up with an appealing story. For example, you can extract Testimonials from interviews that work as social proof or break one blog and make several engaging stories from it.
  • Research proper hashtags: When posting an Instagram story, you should add relevant hashtags to improve the reach of your post/story. Make sure to add lengthy and related hashtags under your story. As a result, when someone searches for a related hashtag, your stories will be featured on that hashtag’s search page. Also, while researching the right hashtags to use, you should explore the ones that fit your story and have a large search volume.
  • Post Engaging Quotes: People love to read interesting quotes. You can post quotes into your Instagram Story; they are the most shareable pieces of content. You can share any type of quote, let it be motivational, inspiring, funny, or anything relevant to your business. Once the audience finds it attractive, you can expect to see engagement in your account for a long time.
  • Ask Questions To Your Audience-  To maintain engagement, you can speak directly to your audience about your posted stories and ask for feedback and opinions. You can also encourage your audience with direct messages and discuss with them your plans and implementations. You can also ask for suggestions.
  • Create an Instagram Story Poll- Posting polls in Instagram Stories can be another unique way to grow your Instagram account with loyal followers. Polls can help you interact with your audience and keep them stay engaged. When you create a poll, watching your Instagram story increases as people vote for their answers. This is how the engagement builds up in your account.
  • Promote a product or service- Most people use Instagram Story to promote products or services. To gain an edge, think of fresh ideas and use them creatively. You can also post sponsored blog posts under the Instagram Story feature, for which you can get paid from sponsors. With this, you can increase brand recognition and generate hype. Moreover, the best part is it allows you to market your products or services to your Instagram followers without spending cash for advertisements.
  • Offer deals and discounts- People love to shop online and avail exciting deals and discount offers. You can use such an opportunity and keep your Instagram followers updated with the latest deals and discounts on products. You can post them under the Instagram story, and people will start checking out the offers if you can post the deals consistently. This will increase followers on your Instagram account and improve the visibility of your account.
  • Create Instagram Story Ads: This is yet another powerful strategy to get traffic and conversions. Story ads are displayed full-screen in a vertical format. Using this, share engaging photos and videos to get video views and enhance branding. Make sure you follow the story guidelines on Instagram and also select an ad objective.
  • Instagram Stories Highlights: Unlike Instagram Stories, Story Highlights don’t disappear. They stay on your profile just below the Bio. They are excellent for promoting your business. You can use Story Highlights to showcase your offerings, event promotions, important announcements, tutorials, etc. Since the Story Highlights take center stage, make sure you spend time planning and thinking about what should go there.


The social media (Instagram) boom is no longer a secret and is being used by more and more businesses these days. The competition is huge, so you really need to think out of the box! Implement the strategies discussed above to attract more followers and let your business grow.

Instagram Stories and Story Highlights will help add a new punch to your business marketing and how you engage with your followers. So, try them out! Post when your audience is online and try as much to respond to the queries and comments.

Besides this, if you use the hashtags effectively, you can get in front of a new audience and convert them into followers. All you need to remember is to find relevant volume hashtags and post engaging content consistently. Upon implementing such effective strategies, Instagram stories could be a creative way to grow your fan and follower base on your Instagram account. Keep trying, keep going!

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