The Name and Abilities of Valorant’s Agent 14 Have Been Leaked

Riot Games released its tactical first-person shooter Valorant in early 2020, which quickly garnered a significant number of fans. With its familiar FPS gameplay mechanics along with the increasing roster of unique playable characters, Valorant became a very popular title in no time.

A lot of players find that Riot Games’ entry to the FPS genre is a mix of Counter Strike: Global Offensive due to its gameplay and Overwatch due to the fact that there’s a range of characters for players to choose from. At the moment, Valorant has thirteen different Agents, with each one having their own skills and abilities.

The most recent Agent, Skye, was introduced with the release of Valorant Episode 1 Act 3, but it seems that another one will be making an appearance in-game soon according to a brand-new leak.

Given how there are no official announcements from Riot Games yet, the upcoming character is known as Agent 14 in the community. However, a Valorant fan recently posted a major leak on the game’s subreddit.

The leak in question is a 2-minute video, which appears to showcase the new Agent in action while inside the training lobby. There’s also a loading screen that features what seems to be Agent 14’s name in the UI — Yoru.

Based on the leaked video, we can see that the new Agent’s abilities primarily focus on deceiving others. As a matter of fact, Yoru even has what appears to be a portal ability that may seem familiar to Apex Legends fans who mainly use Wraith.

That being said, the short video also showcased what we assume to be Agent 14’s ultimate ability. When this ability is used, Yoru becomes invisible and may even be impervious to damage after opening some kind of portal and taking a Hannya mask.

The leak, which initially appeared in Russian but was fortunately translated, claims that Yoru has the ability to create sound effects that sound very similar to footsteps in order to deceive enemy players.

One Valorant player actually saw this effect in action while in-game, which made fans believe that it was either a VFX bug or Riot’s way of teasing the new Agent. At this point, it’s safe to assume that it was the latter.


As for his other abilities, Yoru can also release a glowing blue ball of light that explodes after hitting a surface, which appears to temporarily cause blindness. There’s also the aforementioned portal system, which allows the character to teleport. On the other hand, triggering the fire button makes the portal go ahead, while pressing alternative fire secures it.

Even though leaks are, of course, unofficial and should therefore be regarded with a little bit of skepticism, most of the information found in this leak actually matches what Riot Games previously teased to Valorant fans.

The developer released in-game footage last year showcasing Brimstone, Raze, and the other Agents, along with one other character that fans couldn’t recognize. The mysterious Agent in that video had spiked blue hair and was wearing a jacket that looks very similar to what Yoru is wearing in the leak.

Fortunately, Valorant fans only have a couple of days left to wait before official announcements will surface. Episode 2 Act 1 is scheduled to go live on January 12, 2021, but Riot Games usually reveals more information before a major update such as that.

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