Valorant Glitch Possibly a Teaser for Next Agent

Riot Games has already previously announced that Valorant’s Act 2 will end on October 13. In other words, this means that Act 3 will quickly follow suit, which also means the introduction of a new Agent.

So far, Riot hasn’t released any information on the 13th Agent just yet. Given the fact that there’s a month left in Act 2, players are now scrambling to find any hint or details regarding the upcoming Agent.

That said, we may be getting an in-game teaser, as Reddit user ‘unofficialchicken’ has come across a very strange, glowing orb in Valorant before disappearing.

Strange Green Glowing Orb I Found in a Game of Spike Rush on Split from VALORANT

This took place during a game of Spike Rush, which is a mode where different-colored orbs are spread all throughout the map. Unofficialchicken’s team was left speechless after seeing the floating orb.

Some people in the Reddit thread commented that it’s possibly a glitch, as it looked like Sage’s slow orb mid-explosion. Strangely enough, however, is that Sage was not in the game during that time.

Meanwhile, others think it’s residual effects from a previous animation, or perhaps a glitched-out powerup orb. On the other hand, there are some who think that this could be a teaser for the new Agent.

Reddit / unofficialchicken

What made fans consider the possibility that this was a teaser is because of the way the orb faded out. The animation that the specter displayed before disappearing didn’t look like a glitch at all.

screenshot-www-reddit-com-2020-09-15-11_35_08This wouldn’t be the first time that Riot added a teaser for a new Agent in-game, though. In Valorant’s Act 1 Battepass, Riot added a cutout figure of Killjoy on Split’s sneaker store before she was released in Act 2.

In a similar fashion, the Act 2 Battlepass features a Tier 48 banner called ‘The Way Forward.’ This also appears to be a teaser for the backstory of an unknown Agent. If you look at it closely, the banner found on Act 2 appears to have the same color palette as the glowing orb.

These are all speculation for now, but we personally think the evidence is piling up. We may not have solid proof just yet that the glitch and the banner are connected, but Act 3 is fast approaching.

With just a month left before the new Act, Valorant fans are definitely looking forward to seeing what and who Riot will bring to the table.


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