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WhatsApp is among the biggest and most popular instant messaging apps worldwide, together with Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, LINE, Discord, and so much more. 

WhatsApp offers tons of amazing features, such as messaging your family and friends for free, sharing files with up to 256 people at once, sharing documents with your contacts, engaging in voice and video calls, syncing the app with your PC, and so much more. 

Plus, it is also secure. According to the official website of WhatsApp, this platform is end-to-end encrypted. What does that mean? That means your messages and calls are secured so only you and the person you are communicating with can read or listen to them, and nobody in between, not even WhatsApp, can eavesdrop. It is a great instant messaging app to use, without a doubt. 

But despite these wonderful qualities, many people still fall into the trap of downloading mods for WhatsApp. WhatsApp mods are said to offer features outside the realm of the original WhatsApp. One of these mods is Royal WhatsApp. 

About Royal WhatsApp APK

What is Royal WhatsApp? Royal WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. With this, you can get many additional features unavailable on the official WhatsApp. 

With this WhatsApp mod APK, you can do much more than you can with the original WhatsApp. Those promoting this mod are saying users can get extra security and privacy. Maybe these are because the mod allows you to hide or freeze your last seen, and lock your WhatsApp chats and groups.

However, we tell you, this mod will in no way ensure you and your personal data are secure. 

The Mod’s Proponents Are Buckling Up On The Use Of Royal WhatsApp

Sure, the proponents of such mods may entice users to download them as they present features not present in the original WhatsApp. However, these people themselves are buckling up. 

One of the articles online written about Royal WhatsApp APK on the website CoreMafia bucked up not just once but twice when it comes to the use of this mod and how it may or may not harm the user. 

First, the article said, “Even though the application’s [Royal WhatsApp] new form doesn’t come from the authority source, it is as yet free from any harm to utilize.”

We cannot be sure if it is really free from any harm because we have also read other pieces that say downloading and using such mods will get your account banned, let the mod access your personal information, and so much more.

But the fact that they said Royal WhatsApp does not come from authority sources must already raise a red flag. Would you want to use something that is not authorized? You know there are consequences, and you do not want to encounter them.

The second time they buckled up was when they said, “every activity you do in [Royal WhatsApp] goes through the workers of WhatsApp who are tracking criminal operations, and therefore may push them to act upon them. They also stated that users should not overuse the features. Funny, right?

Here is the actual statement:

“Through Royal WhatsApp Transparent APK is from the first form of WhatsApp, every activity you do in the application goes through their workers.

Whatsapp authorities have consistently eyes on criminal operations, and they may boycott exercises that are affronting their terms and conditions and security strategy.

That is the reason we are recommending you don’t overuse any feature.”

Seriously, do you still need more convincing? Do not download this mod. 

What Are The Features Of Royal WhatsApp APK?

Hide Or Lock WhatsApp Chats

This WhatsApp mod APK lets you hide and lock your WhatsApp chats with a custom pin or pattern. This way, nobody can view your messages in the chat without unlocking them with a password or pattern. 

Freeze Last Seen 

With this WhatsApp mod APK, you can also get to hide or freeze your last seen. This is when you want to show yourself offline while still online. Nobody can see whether you are online or offline. 

First, why would you hide or show yourself offline even when you are online? This is not why these instant messaging apps are made. 


This mod also allows you to add custom themes, logos, styles, fonts, and so much more. It is said to offer over 200 themes you can download and install with the use of this WhatsApp mod. You can add new stickers, emojis, GIFs, and more. 

DND Mode

Royal WhatsApp, like other WhatsApp mods, supports DND mode. This is a great way to turn off WhatsApp without turning off the Internet. It is also known as Flight mode. By enabling this mode, you will no longer have access to the send-and-receive messages feature of WhatsApp.

Blue Ticks After Reply

The blue ticks will only be visible once you reply to the chat. The proponents are saying you can avoid unwanted chats and messages with this feature. 

Hide Second Tick

On the other hand, this feature allows you to view to statuses of your WhatsApp contacts without letting them know. You will not be shown in the list of status viewers if you enable this function. 

Status Downloader

This feature lets you download WhatsApp statuses with just a single click into the gallery of your phone. It is something that the original WhatsApp does not offer.

Anti-Revoke Message 

Lastly, this allows you to view Deleted for everyone messages on WhatsApp. You can view all the revoked messages on the app. This feature also enables you to reply to those deleted WhatsApp statuses by selecting them.


Royal WhatsApp is one of the mods that have been attracting several people because of its features. It offers capabilities that the original WhatsApp application cannot provide. However, you should still not download and use this mod despite these. The proponents of these mods may sound good to you as they present all the features the mods can offer, but they themselves are buckling up, admitting that using such mods may peril your WhatsApp account. 

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