Was Wanted Season 4 Canceled?

In 2016, Netflix picked up an Australian TV series entitled Wanted and started broadcasting it on the platform. Wanted was able to release three seasons, but suddenly, there’s no longer any news about a fourth installment. Fans have been waiting for several years now, anticipating any sign that the show will be renewed for Season 4.

Wanted, despite having polarizing opinions from fans and critics, was still reasonably popular. That’s why many are baffled as to why they haven’t heard any news or updates regarding the drama series. Should fans still wait for Season 4, or is it a hopeless case at this point? Keep reading to learn everything we know so far.

The Story So Far…

Wanted begins with Lola and Chelsea, two strangers who just happened to be waiting at the same small bus stop at the same time. They go about their lives like they always do until they witness a car crash while waiting at the bus stop one fateful night. Suddenly, two men in masks rushed in to try and shoot the driver of the car that crashed. A struggle occurs, and one of the masked men gets killed due to the gun going off amidst the struggle.

Because both Lola and Chelsea were witnesses to what happened, another masked man takes them hostage. The two women somehow managed to escape and run away, but because of it, they landed themselves in an even more difficult situation. At this point, Lola and Chelsea have to flee across Australia, as various people are out to get them.

For one thing, the police are chasing them because they think they’re involved in criminal activity. Not only that, but actual criminals are also looking for them because they’re desperately trying to get their money. To top it all off, corrupt officers are helping out the criminals to try and catch Lola and Chelsea. As you can see, things aren’t going well for these two women.


Lola, who actress Rebecca Gibney plays, is an attractive lady who seemingly has a dubious past. Despite everything she has been through, Lola does everything she can to hold on to her humanity. On the other hand, we have the much younger and neurotic Chelsea, who actress Geraldine Hakewille plays as.

Both actresses did a fantastic job at bringing their characters to life, ultimately bringing in the viewers and keeping them hooked with each episode that passes.

Potential Plot of Season 4

In Wanted Season 3, the season ended with Lola and Chelsea regaining a modicum of freedom thanks to witness protection. However, the peace they experienced didn’t last for very long, as they again landed in trouble. After being chased by Detective Max Middleton, Lola and Chelsea go on the run again, and they end up meeting dangerous people that no one should mess with. Specifically, these new people they’ve met are involved in human trafficking.

Lola and Chelsea decide to risk their lives once again to try and help these people who got caught in the human smuggling operation. Given how the third season ended, we have reason to believe that the fourth installment will pick up from there if ever Wanted gets renewed.

After all, there are still a bunch of questions left unanswered for the fans. Will Detective Middleton track the two ladies down and catch them? What’s going to happen to Lola and Chelsea?


Season 4 Release Date

The first season of Wanted was initially broadcasted in Australia in 2016 on Seven Networks. Shortly after, Netflix decided to pick up the show and air it on the popular streaming platform. In 2018, Wanted’s third season was premiered, and the show’s loyal fans have been waiting for updates since then.

Several years have passed already, but unfortunately, it seems that there’s no hope for Wanted Season 4. The closest form of “news” we have about the show is from Gibney herself. During an interview, the actress showered co-star Hakewille with praises, saying she was a great person. She goes on to say that she was lucky to have Hakewille in her life, and would appreciate it if she remained in it, whether or not the show will be renewed for a fourth season.

Did the Fans Love the Show?

While it’s true that Wanted had its positive and negative traits, and that fans and critics had opinions both good and bad. Of course, this is completely normal for all TV shows—some will love it, some will hate it. But overall, a fair number of people actually genuinely enjoyed Wanted.

As a matter of fact, fans created a Change.org petition to renew Wanted for a fourth season. The petition also specifically mentioned that fans wanted to bring back Steven Peacocke, too. The petition, which was created about 2 years ago, had 5,185 signatures out of a 7,500 goal.

According to the petition, one of the reasons why Wanted was such a popular show among fans is because of the various landscapes showcased throughout the shows—from rural Queensland through New Zealand to Thailand and Australia.


Even if Wanted’s original network didn’t want to renew the show, they were hoping that Netflix would decide to pick it up instead. After all, being picked up by a major streaming platform would do wonders on a TV show’s viewership count and ratings, given that the platform is available worldwide. Plus, it would probably have a bigger budget under Netflix, ultimately creating a much better show.

Unfortunately, these are just dreams for now. Wanted Season 4 remains out of reach, and fans will just have to make do with the fact that it may never be renewed at all.


Wanted is a great reminder that we can’t always get what we want, no matter how much we want them. Even though there’s a considerable number of fans who want a new season of Wanted and even though it does deserve a new season, it seems that this is a hopeless case for now.

There’s no update regarding the show as of now, and Netflix doesn’t seem interested in picking up the show despite its popularity.

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