Watch Dogs Legion’s Multiplayer Mode Finally Launching Next Month

After patiently waiting, Watch Dogs Legion players will finally be able to experience the game’s online multiplayer mode, which has finally been set to launch next month on March 9, 2021. At first, developer Ubisoft Toronto wanted to release this mode shortly after Watch Dogs Legion was initially launched.

However, the company felt that the online component wasn’t ready for deployment yet, so it decided to postpone its release in order to polish it further and get rid of as many bugs as possible.

Watch Dogs Legion was released in October 2020, making a couple of changes to the familiar Watch Dogs formula and making it even better than before. Perhaps one of the most distinct changes made is the fact that Watch Dogs Legion doesn’t have one particular main protagonist like Aiden Pearce or Marcus Holloway’s role from the previous titles.

Instead, players have the ability to take control of any random non-playable character they see in-game. It’s a truly incredible achievement—a feat that has only been made possible thanks to the innovative technology available over at Ubisoft Toronto.


Thanks to this impressive technology, Watch Dogs Legion is capable of creating unique background data and abilities for different NPCs. As such, players can take control of these characters and use their unique skills to help them progress through the game.

Although the everyday lives of these different NPCs are somewhat dull and formulaic, Watch Dogs Legion’s recruitment system is still one-of-a-kind and definitely makes this latest entry stand out from the other games in the franchise. Recently, Ubisoft announced via the official Watch Dogs Legion Twitter account that the game’s online multiplayer mode will finally be available across the different platforms this coming March.

The addition of this highly anticipated mode will introduce a variety of new content to the game, including a co-op mode that allows a maximum of up to four players to explore and cause havoc across Watch Dogs Legion’s version of London. Together, players will be able to participate in various challenges, events, and side activities.

Co-op missions will be added to the action-adventure title as well, which can be completed by two to four players. These new missions will introduce new cooperative gameplay as well that will truly make this online component distinct from the single-player campaign.

Thanks to these missions, players will be able to form their dream team, as they go through the different in-game landmarks in order to contend with whatever threat may be there.

Asides from the online multiplayer mode, Watch Dogs Legion players can also look forward to the new Spiderbot Arena, which serves as the game’s first PvP mode. This is scheduled to go live on March 9, 2021 as well. This offers an action-packed deathmatch mode that will allow participants to take control of armed spiderbots.

Those who purchased Watch Dogs Legion’s Season Pass have bonus content to be excited about this March 9. Season Pass holders will be able to access two new single-player missions, namely Guardian Protocol and Not in Our Name. Of course, players can expect more DeadSec-related action from these two.

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