Ubisoft Drops New Watch Dogs Legion Co-Op Trailer

Serving as the third entry to Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series, Watch Dogs: Legion is already considered to be one of the most highly-anticipated games this year. It has so many new features that make it stand out from the previous titles, such as the ability to take on the role of any NPC they come across on the street.

Not only that, but the title will be available on the next-gen consoles, namely the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, so it’s sure to have next-level graphics and visuals.

While it’s fun to cause mischief in the streets of London on your own, imagine being able to do so while being accompanied by a pal. Fortunately, Watch Dogs: Legion supports cooperative play, which is actually one of the reasons why fans are looking forward to this action-adventure hacking game.

While we know of the feature’s existence, Ubisoft hasn’t really delved into the mechanics of the game’s multiplayer mode. However, this is no longer the case, as the studio has recently released a brand-new trailer detailing to fans how the co-op mode works and what they can expect from it.

This new trailer is a continuation of last week’s amusing “Classroom 101” trailer, which emphasized Watch Dogs: Legion’s “play as anyone” mechanic. To continue where that discussion left off, this new trailer deep-dives into the game’s co-op gameplay.

Fans are welcomed back into the Watch Dogs classroom, featuring the same peevish professor greeting the students to a new discussion. The trailer starts with a couple of amusing quips regarding the students’ resistance masks, which is then followed by the “class discussion.”

More specifically, the teacher talks about what you can expect when you’re playing with other people. For one thing, he reveals that a maximum of three operatives can play together to contend with the many challenges found in Watch Dogs: Legion’s version of London.

There’s a variety of things you can do with your friends — from difficult missions that require the assistance of other players, to simply exploring the game’s expansive world and causing a bit of trouble for its citizens.

The latter was especially highlighted in the trailer, with two players tag-teaming as grandmas and wreaking havoc across the city.

screenshot-www-youtube-com-2020-10-23-08_13_19 screenshot-www-youtube-com-2020-10-23-08_13_35

That being said, it appears that permadeath rules will still take place even during co-op, as we can see that the two grandmas meet their demise when they get run over by a speeding vehicle.

Among other things, the trailer also points out the importance of teamwork when taking part in co-op missions. This was illustrated when one character was trying to succeed in one of the missions while his partners were just flirting with one another and didn’t stick to the original plan.

This new Classroom 101 trailer contained a lot of essential details about Watch Dogs: Legion for excited fans to whet their appetite with, just like the previous trailer did. From what Ubisoft has revealed so far, the title is beginning to look like one of the company’s most ambitious projects.

In other news, it’s worth noting that Watch Dogs: Legion isn’t the only anticipated title to be released by Ubisoft this year. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will also be released next month on November 10, and both of these titles will launch on the current and next-gen systems.

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