Watch Dogs Legion Releases Recruitment System Trailer

The second Ubisoft Forward event has taken place, and with it comes news and updates about some of the highly-expected games that are making its way to our gaming systems. One of these games is Watch Dogs Legion, which has been full of surprising new updates.

For one thing, they have announced the return of Aiden Pearce, who was the original game’s lead character. Along with this, Ubisoft has also released a brand-new trailer that further explains the game’s recruitment system.

During the Ubisoft Forward in July, the company revealed some of the characters that you can recruit in Watch Dogs Legion. Now, this trailer dives in deeper as to how exactly this mechanic works.

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In this trailer, you will see that as the player, you are given the option to recruit different characters to join your team in order to save London. Ubisoft then shows off the player character hacking into the online profiles of different characters, showing each of their abilities and skillsets.

The first character the trailer looks into is Dan McCleary, a getaway driver who has the ability to hack vehicles. He could be useful on missions wherein you need a quick getaway. The next character shown is Elena Tomczak, a hacker who is able to electrify enemies with her shock hack as well as steal keys from a distance.

There’s also street artist Teresa Hall, who is able to use a paintball gun as a weapon as well as throw paint bombs at enemies to disorient them.



Asides from showing off these characters, the trailer also shows how you can recruit characters in general. First and foremost, you have to talk to the potential recruits to see how you can prove to them that your cause is worthy.

If you decide to help them with whatever they need, the character will join your team and you can make use of their abilities to assist you in missions if you send them out.

That being said, just because you can recruit a wide range of characters, you also have to keep in mind that some characters aren’t suitable for certain missions. For example, a character that’s old wouldn’t be suitable for a mission that requires speed.

Thanks to this new recruitment trailer, we now have a better idea as to how this gameplay mechanic works and honestly, we’re super impressed. The option to use different characters for different missions mean that the game will never get boring.

Watch Dogs Legion will be available on October 29 for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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