The BLACK P10 4TB External USB by WD is available now at Best Buy, giving you up to $30 in savings. Great deal, right? 

This external USB offers a very easy-to-use connection to devices. It is backward compatible with USB 2.0 for more straightforward connections to your computer.

If you are a gamer, you better own this USB. This drive can save up to 111 games, you read that right, providing the space you need to expand your game library.

Quickly get into your game, no matter where you are. This external USB from WD has an easily portable and highly durable form factor, providing you with the ability to bring your game library with you wherever you go. 

Everything that goes into devices by WD is specifically designed to take your game further, no matter what you play. With speeds reaching up to 140MB/s and 4TB of extra storage, this game drive by WD will push your console or PC to new performance levels.

What’s more, this is also breaking boundaries when it comes to premium storage expansion and performance. Purpose-built for gamers, this game drive provides your console or PC with the trusted, reliable performance boost and capacity it needs.

It comes in up to 5TB, saving up to 125 games, so you do not have to compromise on which games to delete on your console or PC just to make room for new ones.

Tried and true, this drive is trusted by several gamers across the globe. The brand’s mission is simple: a brand dedicated to saving and enhancing your games.

Offering dependability, optimized speed boosts, expansion, and a three-year limited warranty, everybody can be confident that the WD BLACK P10 External USB will have your back as you search for the greatness of video games.

The height of the product is 0.8 inches, its width is 3.46 inches, and it weighs 8.1 ounces, easy to bring around. 

See the deal here. Shop at Best Buy now.

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