Are you thinking of creating a website for your business? In that case, you cannot ignore everything related to web design trends by 2020.

The digital era has been growing rapidly, and digital marketing has greatly influenced this aspect. Thus, today there are many tools and resources to design a web page that fully reflects the identity of a business.

Creating a web page requires a planning process in various strategic points of digital marketing. And, within that entire organization, it is vital to define every detail regarding web design. In fact, it is one of the most important points for the web to convert and have a good status.

On the other hand, having a good web design is of great benefit to your business since it can condition the permanence of a user on the page. Since, if the text content is of high quality, but the visual resources are poor, the experience will not be full.

And, all these details are quite valued; therefore, it is convenient to take them into account when designing a web page.

We will tell you what the latest trends in the web design of 2020 have been. Therefore, we will define the most popular design elements, shades, textures and much more.

Meet the latest trends in 2020 web design

If you are a designer and want to offer a professional service that meets all customer expectations, you should not lose sight of the small details.

A good example of this is to be a Flagler Beach, Graphic Design and Web Design with respect to the new trends in 2020 web design. Since this will allow you to position your work above professionals who always bet on the same style, losing innovations.

Next, we share the most effective trends in the web design of 2020.

1. Mobile functionality

This year it will be much more important to make the web pages work optimally from a mobile view. Since, more and more visits are recorded from this device, leaving aside the use of the computer.

Also, this has aroused the ingenuity of designers so that each element that is projected looks good in the mobile view. And, that at the same time, the element has the interaction or functionality that from the beginning has been thought about this.

According to a bay area web design company, to achieve this, the designer must ensure that every detail is previewed with the responsive. Even in many cases, it is necessary to design elements designed only for mobile view, especially in relation to banners and header images.

Keep in mind that it is important to generate a dynamic design that reflects what your business means, but functionality should always be a priority.

2. Minimalism

Minimalism has gained a lot of ground in everything related to the design of commercial websites.

This has to do with the fact that the influence of digital consumption on mobile phones is increasing. Therefore, a seemingly simple website is valued much more, which in turn is much more efficient to use and in loading time.

But it is important to know how to minimize minimalism in web design with the strategic incorporation of tones and even some elements. Since the intention is that it is not a loaded web, but at the same time, its simplicity makes it attractive.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular trends in web design for 2020 because of the benefits it offers.

3. Animations

In order to keep the web design interactive, the use of animation elements is implemented, and they are balanced with precise texts that provide information on the page. This, of course, depends on the type of website and its approach, but the results are usually very positive.

Likewise, these animations must be well implemented and always taking care that they are not elements that hinder the speed of loading a website. For this many times, it is convenient to evaluate a web programmer.

On the other hand, animations should not always be very ostentatious even with having interactive buttons or some modest element of animation, you can get good results.

4. Gigantism

This is another trend that is popular in relation to web design this year.

Basically, it consists of the inclusion of a header image large enough to cover the entire computer screen. But, having a good illustration is not enough; it is vital that you have typography according to your proportion.

And at the same time, it is super important that you have a clear and precise call to action on the type of business.

Gigantism has offered remarkable results and is increasingly gaining influence in current web design, especially since it admits the possibility of connecting with the needs to design a web page of potential clients visually.

And, of course, it is one of its best benefits, and there are many design resources to carry out the creation of gigantism elements.

5. Customization in design

Nowadays, the importance of good branding is promoted a lot.

That is why, even today, differentiation has become a popular web design trend in 2020. For example, the creation of a character that represents your brand (it can be part of your logo), these types of elements allow you to differentiate not only your website but your services.

At the same time, it is important to make use of a fully customized color palette. The intention with this is not to fall into neutral designs that do not reflect at all what your brand means.

6. Incorporation of videos

More and more web page designs are aimed at gaining customer confidence and demonstrating efficiency around services. To this end, the incorporation of several key elements has been devised, such as the media that advertise us, or the popular testimonies of pleased customers.

However, in terms of web design trends in 2020, the use of videos that reflect the identity of business has also increased.

Usually, these types of elements are incorporated in the header and can be reproduced from the same website. They are ideal for promoting an offer, a product, or simply making a direct promotion of the services.

If the video content is really attractive, you will undoubtedly gain a lot of conversions. In addition, even with this, you can empower one of your most loyal social networks: YouTube.

7. Fluorescent or neon tones

You probably have doubts regarding this point, especially since one of the main trends in web design is minimalism.

However, the influence of incorporating fluorescent tones to specific areas of your website has also been sighted. Of course, the intention of this is nothing more than to attract a user’s attention to some important element or button on your page.

In fact, this can be combined with minimalism since it is not that strong tones predominate. Otherwise, these are incorporated only in specific areas and under certain parameters.

8. Before-After Items

To end this list of trends in web design, we will share the incorporation of elements that reflect the before and after something. This is being used a lot in terms of demonstrating to the user the positive change they can get by acquiring the services of your business.

At the same time, this trend meets another popular one that is to include animation elements. Without a doubt, it is quite ingenious and can actively participate in various sales strategies. The most popular sales funnel strategy is where it is common to influence web design for its success. Explore the ten web design trends that will dominate your screen in 2020.


What do the new trends in web design contribute? Without a doubt, they bring the importance of balancing the attractiveness of an element with its technical functionality. For example, getting all the elements to complement each other well and look good in mobile view and basically in any device. At the same time, it promotes the influence of brand branding to perceive the growing success of a web page and with that of a business.


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