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NFT games are structured around the modern concept of digital assets: non-fungible tokens. In NFTs, the uniqueness of a digital asset is depicted by its non-fungible attributes. In simpler words, the user cannot exchange non-fungible tokens with any other digital collectibles. If you want to start bitcoin trading, check the potential underlying bitcoin technology.

The games banking upon the concept of the NFTs is also famous as Game-Fi. NFT games seem to be a great way of earning money as some games assure you a 100% return on investment in just one month. Here listed is everything you should know about NFT games.

Introduction to NFT games

The first NFL game was crypto kitties, and this game did not acquire much traction in the industry. However, as retail investors acknowledged the concept of NFT, these games started to acquire acknowledgment. NFT games bank upon the notion of the play-to-earn model, and as discussed above, these games are correspondingly famous as Game-Fi. You might wonder why NFT games are as popular as Game- Fi.

NFT games are a combined form of gaming as well as financial aspects. Earlier, there were limited NFT games like Axie Infinity, and after this game became popular, it became tough to make money out of it.

Moreover, the Ethereum bright chain started to levy a high gas fee. But a gamer can explore a wide variety of NFT games. Not every NFT game requires you to buy the in-game tokens to play, as some are completely free. Some potential examples of free-to-play NFT games are god’s unchained, thetan arena, and hinterlands. People draw an analogy of NFT games with conventional play to earn models.

How do these games work?

The concept of the NFT game is not at all similar to retaining cryptocurrency in an e-wallet. The use case of NFT in an NFT game project varies from developer to developer. Usually, the use case of these tokens relies on the rules and regulations and user interaction.

Games like Axie Infinity use the concept of NFT in the form of in-game characters or different avatars. You might think about how the gaming industry has successfully implemented the notion of NFTs. The developers have to formulate intelligent contracts to exchange or structure and even implement non-fungible tokens inside a game.


Contracts are required to create the rules and regulations of NFT games. However, smart contracts are only available on intelligent chains like Ethereum and BSC. Moreover, the feature of smart contracts is not yet available in the conventional blockchain of bitcoin.

As discussed earlier, crypto kitties were one of the earliest NFT games; the game comprises a considerable number of smart contracts that formulate the rules and regulations. For example, the entire game crypto kitties contract is named gene science. This contract allows users to avail different kinds of cats randomly.

What do you mean by in-game NFTs?

In-game NFTs are currently the most popular form of non-fungible tokens as this has helped many gamers to create an income stream. In in-game NFTs, you don’t avail the tokens structured on an ERC-20 token, as non-fungible tokens in these games represent a digital collectible item. Therefore, it is one of the most conventional pathways to generate income with NFT. One popular NFT game that uses a similar mechanism as in-game NFTs is crypto kitties. However, currently, most NFT games are structured on this mechanism only.

How to make money with NFT games?

Both NFTs and digital currency comprise a considerable profit potential. The money a player can earn with the help of non-fungible token-based games or GameFi heavily relies upon the protocols and rules. Market demand is essential in deciding the money you can make with an NFT game.

Two significant factors characterize the market value of an NFT game: the collectability of a non-fungible token and the utility of a game. Undeniably, prospects of losing the money you invested in NFT games are there, but that does not intensify the latent risks of playing these games.

The above-listed portion describes everything you should know about NFT games. Recently an NFT game named crypto mines suspended their existing project.

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