It is rather typical to find yourself scratching your head and wanting to figure out if you see something unfamiliar to you on your social media, such as Snapchat. After all, these social media platforms are constantly adding new features, and they are not always informing you about these. 

One of these is when you see “Other Snapchatters” on Snapchat Story. What does this mean? We will uncover this in this article. 

What Does ‘Other Snapchatters’ Mean On Snapchat?

Seeing the term “Other Snapchatters” on Snapchat Story can leave you figuring out what this is. If you have found yourself in this situation, know that you are not alone. Many users of Snapchat have asked this same question. Looking for answers from the Snapchat website, unfortunately, will not give you any answers, as Snapchat does not mention it anywhere on its site.  

So what does this mean? Yes, we know how you feel.

The term “Other Snapchatters” pertains to Snapchat users who have viewed your story but do not follow on the app. Snapchat users who have viewed your story but do not follow on the app, you ask? We know how it sounds scary to you. Does that mean a friend has unfollowed or blocked you? No worries. Let us take a closer look. 

1. You Have Been Removed As A Friend

When somebody you are friends with on Snapchat looks at your story, the platform will show their username under normal story viewers. It means that if somebody you thought you were friends with on Snapchat shows up on your story view as “Other Snapchatters,” then you are no longer friends on Snapchat.

This former friend might have probably unfollowed you and is now an “other.” Fortunately, there are methods to find out if you have been removed as a friend on the app.

A. Open Snapchat and proceed to chat, located at the bottom of the screen.

B. Look for your friend’s name on the displayed list.

If the snap status says, “Status is Pending,” and there is a gray arrow next to their name, then they have probably unfriended you on Snapchat. 

Another way to determine if you have been unfriended is to use the Snapchat store. Here is how this is done.

A. Open Snapchat and search for the person you think has unfriended you.

B. Then, click on their name and tap to open their profile.

C. Then, check to see if you can view their Snapchat score. If you cannot, it means they are no longer following you on Snapchat. How sad.

Sadly, Snapchat does not make it easy to tell when somebody has unfriended you. The app sends no notification. However, you can still send the user messages unless they have blocked your account. Bonus tip, you can personally ask them if they have unfriended you. The methods you learned about are great workarounds if you want to figure out if the “Other Snapchatter” is somebody who has unfollowed you. 

2. You Have Been Blocked On Snapchat

Another instance is that the person showing up on your Snapchat story viewer list as “Other Snapchatters” could have blocked you after viewing your story. Here are the things you can do to find out.

A. Launch Snapchat and press the Search icon in your screen’s top left corner.

B. Type in the username of the person you are looking for. 

If their username does not show up, they could have blocked you on Snapchat. Sad moment number two.

Moreover, you can also check recent conversations for clues about your friendship status online with the other user. Here is how to do so.

A. Open Snapchat and tap the Chat icon on your screen’s bottom.

B. Then, scroll down to your chat history list and find your conversations with this user.

If the user does not appear in your chat history, but he or she previously did, they have probably blocked you. Try sending the user a message. If you get a response saying the message could not be transmitted, this is further confirmation that they have blocked you. It is important to note that they will no longer have access to any future stories you post. 

However, if you sent them a message and the status says “pending,” it is more likely that they have only unfriended you but not blocked you. 

3. You Have Not Added Them On Snapchat

If you own a public Snapchat account and see “Other Snapchatters” on your story view, you might not have added the user to your friends’ list. The “Other Snapchatters” either have you on their account as a friend or have sent you a friend request that you have not yet responded to. 

Follow the steps we will outline below to find out who these “Other Snapchatters” are and decide whether or not you want to have them as your friends on Snapchat.

A. Launch Snapchat and click on the Profile icon located in the top left corner.

B. Select My story from the dropdown menu and scroll through the viewers’ list.

C. Then, look through the names under “Other Snapchatters” to see who you are not friends with.

D. Next, tap on their names to take a look at their profiles.

If you mistakenly forgot to add the “Other Snapchatters” to your friends’ list (since they are viewing your stories), you can do so now before things get really awkward.

Here Is How To Prevent ‘Other Snapchatters’

People who are not yet friends with you on Snapchat will only view your stories if your account is public. It is understandable that you may feel differently towards this because seeing “Other Snapchatters” could mean strangers are following your account. So here are the things you can do to avoid seeing the “Other Snapchatters” message.

A. Open Snapchat, then tap on the Profile icon located in the top left corner.

B. From the Profile screen, tap on the Settings icon.

C. Scroll to the “WHO CAN…” section and tap on View My Story.

D. Select and tap Friends Only to keep random people out of your Snapchat account.

Difference Between ‘Other Snapchatters’ And ‘+1 More’

In your story viewer list on Snapchat, you will see three categories of people. There will be those you are mutual friends with on Snapchat, the “Other Snapchatters,” then the “+1 more.”

The main difference between “Other Snapchatters” and “+1 more” is this: “Other Snapchatters” have their usernames displayed in the list of those who viewed your profile, and those in the “+1 more” category, unfortunately, will not be identifiable. 

As you have learned earlier, the “Other Snapchatters” group consists of those who have unfriended or blocked you, or people who have you on their friends’ list. Even if all that connects you to this group of people is a friend request, there is an established link Snapchat recognizes. 

With the “+1 more” category, there is no connection, mutual or otherwise, between the two of you. Also, you are not on their friends’ list, and they are not on yours. Thus, the term “+1 more” usually shows up if your Snapchat profile is public. Hope this helps. 

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