What is the Destiny 2 Worldline Zero Catalyst and How To Find It

In Destiny 2, deciding whether or not to pursue the Worldline Zero Catalyst is a difficult task. Swords are fun to use in general, but they lack the versatility and strength of ranged weapons. They have their position and can be helpful, but a gun is almost always a safer option.

The Worldline Zero Catalyst transforms a fun weapon into a deadly weapon. It is up to the player to decide if this is sufficient to warrant use. For those still on the fence about the Worldline Zero Catalyst, here’s what you need to hear about what it does and how to get it.

What Does It Do?

The sword gains one perk from the Worldline Zero Catalyst: Another Dimension, which cuts the time it takes to unlock Tesseract.

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Tesseract is a bonus that comes standard with the Worldline Zero blade. Tesseract is triggered as the player executes a hard attack while sprinting. Tesseract causes the player to blink forward, partly bypassing elemental shielding and launching a powerful attack at the target.

The Worldline Zero Catalyst speeds up this process, allowing the player to run quicker and get the upper hand on their opponent earlier. On paper, it sounds insignificant, but in reality, it’s a brilliant way to catch opponents off balance and land a strong punch.

How Can You Get It?

The Worldline Zero Catalyst is one of the game’s most straightforward Catalysts to collect. The player must actually destroy a non-Guardian opponent with some blade. With a sword, the player can destroy almost every NPC in the game, and the Catalyst will drop.


Even then, it’s still a one-of-a-kind fall. It is possible for players to acquire it very easily or to go weeks without receiving it. However, if the player often uses swords in PVE combat, it should decrease without difficulties over time.

How To Upgrade?

It’s also easy to upgrade the Worldline Zero Catalyst. Using the Worldline Zero, the player only has to destroy 300 opponents. It makes no difference who the opponent is or how they are met. It may be a random walk-through story material or a Gambit battle.

In addition, the kills are retroactive. The player would almost certainly pile up the most of these kills when attempting to obtain the Worldline Zero Catalyst. This grind is one of the most generous in the game when it comes to Catalyst grinds.

Other Tips


Given that any sword can be used to acquire the Catalys, players can try using one of the game’s top ten blades. Slicing and dicing opponents can be sped up using items like the Black Talon or the Falling Guillotine.

The only drawback to this approach is that using the Worldline Zero would result in retroactive kills for the Worldline Zero Catalyst update, reducing total grind time. One strategy may be to use a certain tool to soften opponents before using the Worldline Zero to finish them.

Last but not least, every NPC in the game may be destroyed in order to get this Catalyst and eventual update. When chasing the Worldline Zero Catalyst, players can and should complete other missions, engage in Gambit, hunt down other Catalysts, or grind resources.

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