The most obvious answer – is licensed and pirated. Licensed – these are those that offer us the developers. And pirate – the unofficial, which allows you to play with friends in any version of the game, downloaded from the torrent. Each type has both pluses and minuses. On the license, for example, you get full technical support, the most current version of the game, and, therefore, all of its updates and stable operation of the client. But the variety of these servers does not spoil their users, and servers are not as many as we would like. U pirate’s pluses and minuses are inversely proportional. That is: you can find a server for every taste, with a variety of mods and plugins, but here stable maintenance can be forgotten in the vast majority of cases. The best Minecraft servers can be classified according to orientation. Three main types can be distinguished:

1. Rpg-server

Quality servers of this type can be counted on the fingers of one hand. This is because the implementation of the server in which the player will plunge into the living world with its history requires a lot of financial investments. Of course, the developer’s pool of opportunities and resources is much larger than that of the private sector, so if you want to plunge into the detailed world, then go to the official server.

2. Classic server

It the most popular type of server is because it does not require a lot of effort from the administration. No excesses in the form of mods and plugins you will not see on these servers. This type is suitable primarily for beginners who have not yet had enough time to bore the usual game. For veterans, hardcore, and fans of modifications – it is better to choose something else. Looking for the pirate server classics, we do not recommend them. There are a lot of them, and they do not differ from the official servers. So why then sacrifice quality?

3. Hi-tech server

Represents a modified version of the game. The intra-game world can be remade beyond recognition. As a rule, these servers offer players the most extensive features. These solutions are suitable for gamers who have already had enough of standard Minecraft and want something new and unusual. Because the official servers are not as many as pirate servers, their variety leaves much to be desired. Therefore, pirate servers – are the best choice for a sophisticated gamer.


And that’s not the end of the list. If we were compiling the top licensed servers with Minecraft games, this server would take first place. Such a quantity of entertainment for the player can not boast any other platform. At least once a week, the administration releases various patches to maintain the balance. Or, at all, add something new. The only significant disadvantage – the server is foreign. Therefore, for comfortable gameplay with foreigners – one will need to know English, at least at the basic level. 

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