Every now and then, it seems that Snapchat is introducing new features to its users. Many things are getting revealed. Among all these, there are still several features on Snapchat that Snapchatters are confused about. One of them is the “Pending.” 

While everything is super quirky and fun on Snapchat, understanding the platform’s anatomy can, at times, be a bit challenging. Like, it is a bit confusing to know if somebody has blocked you on Snapchat, while this is easy to determine on other apps. Just like that one, it is also confusing to understand what “Pending” means on Snapchat. Have you encountered this?

If you see “Pending” on Snapchat and quickly conclude that the people have not added you, then you can be wrong. “Pending” with a gray arrow can appear for various reasons, and we will learn about these today in this article, as well as how you can fix this issue.

What Does ‘Pending’ Mean On Snapchat?

You might have encountered the word, as unwanted as it can be, “Pending” on a person’s profile on Snapchat. Aside from this, you can also see it in the chat tab or their direct message or DM.

Usually, “Pending” appears with a gray-colored icon that raises the question, “What does it mean?”

If you have encountered the same problem, then here is the answer. “Pending” means Snapchat cannot deliver the snap or message to the person. Although when you send the streak, “Delivered” will instead be written on it. But there is still a gray icon below it. It only means the person has not added you to their friends’ list. That person is not your friend on Snapchat.

What are the reasons why they appear?

Reasons Why You Encounter ‘Pending’ On Snapchat

1. Your Friend Request Is Not Approved

Most of the time, Snapchatters do not just accept your friend request, which is the first reason you see “Pending” on Snapchat. There are chances they have missed your request or simply ignored your request. They will not see any of the streaks you send them until they accept your request. 

2. You Have Been Unfriended

The following reason why you see “Pending” on Snapchat is that they have unfriended you. You were friends with them for too long, and now you see a gray arrow. That also means they have removed you from their friends’ list.

Since Snapchat, like Facebook, does not notify you when somebody removes you from their friends’ list, you can also check this manually by visiting their Snapchat profile. 

And if you want to remove somebody from your friends’ list, then follow these easy steps:

First, open Snapchat. Then, swipe left to see the “Chat” page. Afterward, click on the Bitmoji Picture of the friend you want to remove from your friends’ list. Or, simply click their profile icon in their DM. In their profile, click on the three dots in the screen’s top-right corner.

Then, click on the “Remove Friend” icon.

Doing this will remove this former Snapchat friend of yours. Then, you will also not be able to receive snaps or streaks from them. A little bit sad about this part.

3. You Are Blocked 

Snapchat users can block you without you knowing it. Again, Snapchat also does not notify you when a friend blocks you. So this is one of the reasons why you see “Pending” on Snapchat. Or can that subtly stand for the notification? Hmmm. 

4. Snapchat Has Restricted Your Account

If by any chance, you have violated the policies of Snapchat, such as harassing someone on the platform, Snapchat will restrict you. They will not let you send messages or streaks freely. So, before a month or so, you will see a lot of “Pending” on Snapchat.

5. They Have Turned Their Accounts Into Private

Now, suppose your Snapchat friend had a public account, and in these accounts, you do not need to send friend requests. You can just send your streaks, and they will be delivered. 

If your friend’s account was public and they suddenly turned it private, then you might need to request them to share pictures with them. Let us follow the train of thought here. Until they accept your friend request, you will see a gray “Pending” arrow on your streaks. 

6. Snapchat Glitch

The chances are meager here, but it is also possible that the “Pending” you see is because of a glitch or error from the Snapchat server. 

They might not be able to send your snaps to them, so they display a “Pending” arrow under it. If this is the case, simply wait for a while and relaunch Snapchat.

6 Ways To Fix “Pending” On Snapchat

1. Check Your Internet Connection

At times, because of network issues, this problem occurs. In that case, check your Internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, turn it off and restart it. Also, if you are on mobile, check your mobile network and all the similar factors. 

2. Send Streaks To Other Friends

If you want to check if the issue happens in your account, try sending streaks to other friends and check if the same gray “Pending” icon appears in their chats. If it is appearing, then the problem is with your account. Or, maybe, nobody has accepted your friend request on Snapchat. 

3. Connect With That Friend Of Yours On Other Apps

If it is really important, you can message your friend on other social media apps and send screenshots there. Tell them you have sent a friend request on Snapchat and are waiting for them to accept it. 

4. Cancel The Request And Send It Again

Sometimes, it can be as simple as canceling the request (removing them as your friend) and sending it again. If the person knows you, they will accept the request. If they don’t, the chances of them becoming your Snapchat friend are low, so you will see “Pending.” 

5. Forget About It, And Move Forward

If these people are not accepting your friend request, you can just forget about it and move forward. There are more things worthy of mulling over aside from this. 

6. Check If The Same Thing Is Happening To Others

If you think the reason is a glitch, you can ask your other friends on Snapchat. If they are also experiencing the same problems, then you can conclude Snapchat has a glitch. 

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