What You Need to Know About Sisters Season 2

Television shows are crucial to daily living at this point, as they help keep us entertained during times when we’re bored out of our minds or when we simply want to de-stress by investing our time and emotions into a completely fictional world that’s separate from our own.

One such television series that many people have grown emotionally invested in is an Australian drama series entitled Sisters, created by Jonathan Gavin and Imogen Banks. The show’s scriptwriters are Anita Jankovic, Jonathan Gavin, Monica Zanetti, Michael Lucas, and Benjamin Law. Meanwhile, the direction team is composed of Corrie Chen, Emma Freeman, and Shannon Murphy.

Sisters was initially released in Network Ten in 2017, but it was launched as an Original Netflix series the following year. By 2019, Fox Network requested that the US adaptation’s Pilot episode be filmed. Rumors claim that we’ll be seeing Brittany Snow featured in this Pilot.

That being said, since there’s news about Sisters getting an American adaptation, does this mean that fans will be getting a Season 2 for the original series? Here’s what we know so far.


What Is the Plot of ‘Sisters’?

Sisters follows the story of Julia Bechly, who discovers that her father, the pioneer of in-vitro fertilization, has a plethora of other children aside from herself. He only confesses this to her on his deathbed, where he says that during his time as an in-vitro fertility specialist, he actually used his very own sperm when doing experiments. As a result, he now had hundreds of other children being raised in different families.

Naturally, this news is shocking to Julie, and she tries to remain as positive as possible despite the bizarre situation she was in. She decides to throw a family gathering for all the various children born thanks to her father. During her search, she comes to discover that she has a myriad of brothers, but only two other sisters: the quick-tempered lawyer, Edie Flanagan, and a troubled children’s TV star, Roxy Paribas.

Sisters features themes surrounding anticipation and surprise, as Julia starts an unexpected journey of looking for her siblings, who she wouldn’t have known about if her father didn’t confess last-minute.

According to Maria Angelico, the star who plays Julia in the show, she was initially “more excited about the relationships between the sisters,” since the TV series was all about the three sisters and their blooming relationship. She continues on to say that she loved how Sisters‘ storyline brought together completely different people from “different walks of life.”

Moreover, Angelico highly recommends watching Sisters. “It feels unique in its vulnerability, stripped back, it doesn’t feel very shiny and manicured,” she says. The show allows viewers to connect with the characters more because it’s human and relatable.


The Cast

Now that we’ve recapped what Sisters is all about, let’s talk a bit about the cast. The Australian TV series features Roxy Karibas played by Lucy Durack, who’s popularly known for being in 2013’s Goddess, 2017’s The Letdown, and 2019’s Lift. The belligerent lawyer Edie Flanagan is played by Antonia Prebble, who’s known for her role in 1993’s The Magical Kingdom of Thingymijig and 1994’s Starchild.

The infamous father who had over a hundred children, Julius Bechly, is portrayed by Barry Otto. As mentioned, Maria Angelico plays the role of Julia Bechly, who rather sportingly accepts her new reality. Angelico is perhaps the most popular name on Sisters‘ cast; she’s not only an actress, but she’s also a writer and producer.

She wrote and starred in the web series entitled Movement, while her other works include Footballer Wants a Life, Under a Red Moon, Home and Away, Underground Rush, Hating Aison Ashley, We Can be Heroes Trip for Biscuits, Wentworth, Neighbours and Blue Heelers, and a lot more. During an interview, Angelico praised Imogen Banks for her filmmaking capabilities. Specifically, she said that she thinks Banks is “one of Australia’s best creators.”

Moving on, the Australian drama also features Dan Spielman as Tim, Magda Szubanski as Diane Karibas, and Charlie Garber as Issac Hulme, among many other names.


When Will Season 2 Premiere?

Most importantly, will Sisters ever get a second season? At the moment, there’s still no news whether this is in the works or if the creators have jumped ship, especially since neither Network Ten or Netflix have said anything about it.

Fans are actually dreading the possibility that Sisters will be canceled, especially since it’s entirely possible. The viewer count of the first season wasn’t that impressive and decreased as more episodes were premiered. The Pilot episode had more or less 700,000 viewers, but it decreased to around 218,000 by the fourth episode.

Given this information, it’s unfortunately quite unlikely that the series will be picked up for a second installment. However, fans are still holding on to the hope that the creators will change their minds. After all, there are no official announcements just yet about the future of Sisters, so one can only hope.

Nevertheless, a US version of Sisters is probably in the works, and we can only hope that it will do much better than the original series so that it will be renewed for more seasons.


If you’ve read this far, you’re probably disappointed to find out that there’s no official news yet about whether Sisters will get a second season. You’re not alone in this, but many fans are still hoping for good news, no matter how long it may take. Given the decreasing viewer counts, it may be safer to manage your expectations because this is a major factor that could cause a TV network to abandon a series.

After all, the more viewers there are, the more funds the creators and network will be able to rake in at the end of the season. If there isn’t a lot of viewers, the network won’t see the point of continuing to spend money on the show. This leads us to the importance of watching TV series legally when you get the chance—piracy can really hurt the chances of your favorite show from getting renewed.

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