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Poker streaming is growing quite popular with the younger generation, having already been a hit with many of the older lot. Other than people who are just interested in playing poker, there are also others who want to stream their game while playing. You probably have heard about live-streaming! This makes the game much more social and allows the player to interact with the audience at the same time. Through streaming online poker, players not only get to play their favorite game but also get to earn decent money through live streaming. Read on to know how newbie poker players can start poker streaming on a platform and not only start playing but also start interacting with other people. So do not waste any more time and Start Streaming Online Poker now!

Set up your account:

It is rather simple as all you need is to register with a streaming platform. Choose a user id and password, and enter your birth date and valid email id. Select a unique user id that stands out from the rest that will make it easily recognizable among viewers.

Choose Streaming Software

While there are loads of streaming software options available most users opt for one of the two software, StreamLabs/OBS Studio. There is another option that is available but it is for 4K streaming – vMix.

OBS vis-à-vis Stream Labs

Streamlabs has more features and greater customization but a user needs to be reasonably tech-savvy to operate it. For newbies, OBS is the better choice. While OBS does not have all the features that Streamlabs offers, it is a lot easier to run than the latter.

Setting up the software

The first step is to download the software that is 72 MB, making it suited for most comps.

Next is the Configuration

For this, the stream key is required. A user must go to Twitch and click on the user-id icon found at the right upper corner of the screen.

Choose Creator Dashboard

Select settings on the screen’s left and click on stream. The stream key appears and needs to be copied.

After that OBS is to be installed that just takes a few minutes at the most. After installation, select the Tools option and click on Auto configure. Follow all the instructions on the screen and paste the stream key when prompted. In a few minutes, you are ready to hit the road.

What to do if 400 Error Code pops up?

If a message ‘Failed to Authenticate Stream’ flashes, setting it right is simple. Click on the File icon in the menu and then go on the settings option. Disconnect the account and then again enter the stream key, which should get it up and work.

Using Audio Devices

The software will auto-setup the microphone to check it runs a test. Begin talking and the bars will indicate it is working at the lower part of the screen. There also is the option to attach any other device by selecting settings and then to manual audio to add a device.

Adding Video Devices

The same principle applies to video with the webcam being automatically set up. If not do it manually as described above but choose video instead of audio.

Getting the streaming up and running

Setup the second monitor and choose the online poker room. Ensure the OBS window is running on the laptop or first monitor.

By default, ‘Scene 1” should be running in OBS. Since you want to live stream your game, switch the display from the first to the second monitor.

Select display capture and change to the second monitor at the screen bottom.

To make it livelier the stream chat and video boxes can be adjusted for viewers to see the live-action and community chat without missing out on the activities.

Is there a requirement for 2 monitors?

No, instead make use of the window capture option to focus on the poker client instead of the complete screen. While it does now allow the freedom to multi-table, it is a useful option if there is non-availability of a second monitor.

Getting all the stuff together to stream according to guidelines

Once you are ready to live stream, certain things need to be done to get the streaming right.

Choose an appropriate Title

When selecting your Twitch streaming id the title must sound interesting and informative. The most important stuff should be at the start of the title. The Title should be able to draw the attention of the audience to make them want to watch the proceedings of the live stream.

Choosing the Tags

While there are hundreds of tags to name your stream with new tags constantly added, you need to select the most relevant to gain followers. Some examples are:

· Multi-Table Tournament

· Gambling Game

· Poker Mixed Games Cash Game

· Texas Hold’em

· Sit & Go

· Omaha Hold’em

Select the music

Chattering away constantly while live streaming can be noisy and tiring, so if there is any silence, you always have the option to choose some suitable music for the background. The only issue is that Twitch’s guidelines when it comes to choosing music for a live stream are quite stringent. The 3 options are:

· Licenced copyrighted music.

· You own original music.

· Any other music, as long as you are on vocals.

There have been many instances in the recent past, where live streamers have not followed music guidelines and have been heavily penalized for doing so. They have had accounts suspended or even deleted because of playing unauthorized music that was copyrighted without the owner’s permission. To play it safe users can select music from YouTube or Spotify for the background score.

To learn about what music is licensed to play while live streaming in Twitch, use their tool Soundtrack by Twitch tool for detailed info.