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You should be using WhatsApp if you want a reliable instant messaging app that offers many impressive features. WhatsApp Messenger, or simply WhatsApp, is an internationally available freeware, cross-platform centralized instant messaging and voice-over IP service owned by Meta Platforms, a United States-based company. As of press time, WhatsApp has over two billion monthly active users worldwide. No doubt, this is a great platform that offers everything for your instant messaging needs. 

However, not all the things you see and find related to WhatsApp are good for you. Among these are the popular WhatsApp mods. Several people are into these, but we tell you right now you should not imitate these people before these WhatsApp mods are bound to endanger your experience. This comprehensive article will look at what these WhatsApp mods are, the risks involved when you begin using these mods, and so much more. 

What Are WhatsApp Mods?

Before heading over to finding out what WhatsApp mods are, let us define what a mod is in the general sense. The term mod means “modification” and “modernist.”

In the world of technology, mod as “modification” is the term most widely used. This refers to changes made by a user or owner to a program, objective, or device in order to make changes to its appearance or function, such as what WhatsApp can do. 

You may have probably heard about mods in the past, and the term is also used in gaming. In gaming, many players apply mods to games to customize the gameplay or look, remove the glitches, or provide additional functionality, such as features not available in the original name. Gaming mods can be shared, enabling some players to become game creators. 

Mods are also present in apps like WhatsApp. Otherwise known as WhatsApp MOD APK, a WhatsApp mod is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application that can offer the user several things, such as hiding typing status, recording audio statuses, and many others.  

WhatsApp mods can also enable you to turn off the blue mark if you read a message another person sent you while still being able to see the blue tick read on their message. 

You can likewise change the user interface of the modded app with the help of color, themes, and other features. 

Requirements In Installing WhatsApp Mods

Installing WhatsApp mods has its requirements. Below are these requirements. 

  • You must have an Android device 4.0 or above. However, there are also WhatsApp mods for Apple devices. 
  • You must have an unlimited Internet data plan. 

More Things You Probably Do Not Know Yet About WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp mods are often installed by those who want to add more experiences to their use of WhatsApp since these mods offer features, albeit unofficial. As you have learned earlier, these app versions can provide chat options and customizable user interfaces or UIs that the main WhatsApp application cannot offer. However, early on, we are telling you not to use them. We strongly recommend you do not use them. 

You must understand that these WhatsApp mods are not normal apps. Most of the time, these mods are not available on the Google Play Store or other app stores because they are not allowed to be. This should already give you a red flag about using such mods. To acquire these mods, you need to sideload the software on your device before you can start using it. 

Security At The Play Store

When you download an app such as WhatsApp from the Google Play Store, the software you just downloaded has undergone some level of security clearance. However, the system is imperfect since “bad apps” can make their way to the store, but Google does not just sell any random app to its users. 

There are also added security measures when downloading an app from Google Play Store. Google, for one, runs a safety check on the app itself and your device to ensure there will be no harmful apps in your library. They are also clear ahead of time what permissions a downloaded app will ask of your device, so you know immediately if an application wants you to be more of an “open book” that you might be comfortable with. 

What is even more worrisome is that these sideloaded apps do not need to go through security checkpoints unless they are tied to a trusted source. While running programs outside the Google Play Store or other app stores is revolutionary, know that there is an inherent risk to the practice. 

Some Of Today’s Popular WhatsApp Mods

To give you a better perspective about understanding what these WhatsApp mods are, it is also apt that you know some of the popular WhatsApp mods being offered on the market today. These WhatsApp mods also offer several attractive features for the user, such as running two WhatsApp apps on one device, easily sending videos up to 1GB in size, using multiple themes, and more, really enticing the user to install these mods. Here are some of the most popular WhatsApp mods offered today. 

1. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is among the most popular WhatsApp mods available out there. It is alarming to note that this WhatsApp mod has millions of installs worldwide, perhaps among those who do not know the real picture of a WhatsApp mod. This mod claims it is clean and straightforward to use. Users are ensured of great privacy and security.

Here are the features of GBWhatsApp:

  • Copy status messages of your other WhatsApp contacts to your clipboard
  • Use two different WhatsApp accounts at once 
  • A multilingual WhatsApp mod
  • Capability to set the “Always Online” feature 
  • Unique and funny-looking emojis, as well as WhatsApp stickers added with each update
  • Ability to keep WhatsApp chats private so that they do not show up on the main dashboard
  • Run and use both the original WhatsApp Messenger and GBWhatsApp mod simultaneously 
  • Auto-reply to messages when you are busy or not available
  • Message Scheduler
  • Payment option is available
  • Create your custom themes for a more personalized experience

2. WhatsApp Plus

Here comes another WhatsApp mod top-rated by many users, WhatsApp Plus or WAPlus. This can be used on Android phones. Designed and developed by Rafalete, WhatsApp Plus offers users it has lured with various features that claim to help them make the most out of their chatting experience.

Here are the many features of this WhatsApp mod: 

  • Add a WhatsApp group description, if needed, such as Describe rules for groups
  • Enjoy the ability to post WhatsApp video statuses for more than 30 seconds
  • Send high-quality images by default
  • Filter messages to find a specific conversation you had with your dear ones
  • Send files up to 30MB in size (the original WhatsApp Messenger only allows you to send files up to 16 MB in size)
  • Add up to 256 members in a WhatsApp Group
  • Share themes with your friends
  • Get notifications for revoked messages

3. Fouad WhatsApp

Another WhatsApp mod that people are going crazy over is Fouad WhatsApp. Developed by Fouad Mokdad, this mod has an extensive range of features that will surely attract any user. It claims to have a great user interface with many customization features, themes, and other privacy options. 

Below are the features of Fouad WhatsApp. 

  • Gives the option to customize your WhatsApp with wallpapers, themes, and font styles
  • Contains over 2,000 total themes, over 50 font styles, and over 20 blue stick styles, all of which you can download within the app
  • Allows users to hide status seen, last seen, and blue ticks
  • Capability to revoke the messages deleted by someone
  • A lightweight WhatsApp mod
  • Ability to change the pending message color
  • Ability to hide all the media files from the gallery
  • Extra features for Group Admins
  • Lets you create WhatsApp Broadcast for up to 600 people 
  • Schedule WhatsApp messages according to your needs

Looks and sounds so enticing? We got more WhatsApp mods that are popular today. 

4. YoWhatsApp 

Like the original WhatsApp but with added features, YoWhatsApp, or YoWA, is another mod that offers components for enhancing WhatsApp conversations. This mod even allows you to customize the features according to your requirements. 

Here are the features of this WhatsApp mod:

  • Auto-reply to messages which becomes useful if you are a busy person
  • New style of chat bubbles and blue ticks 
  • Extra features for Group Admins
  • Schedule your WhatsApp messages 
  • Provides a new set of emojis and WhatsApp stickers
  • Copy someone else’s WhatsApp status
  • Send WhatsApp videos up to 50 MB
  • Supports hundreds of languages
  • Create WhatsApp Broadcast for up to 600 individuals 
  • Disable voice calls when you need to

5. OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp, on the other hand, claims it has a clean and user-friendly interface that makes them unique from other WhatsApp mods. This application lets users use multiple telephone numbers with WhatsApp even if they are on the same smartphone. 

Here are the features that OGWhatsApp offers.

  • Features a pre-built message schedule option to automatically send messages
  • Share HD quality images 
  • Comes with more than 1,000 themes to customize your chat screen
  • Capability to download statuses your contacts have uploaded
  • Lets you send up to 90 images in one go to your contacts
  • Send a message or call a person even if they are not added to your contact list
  • Ability to set a password for a particular chat
  • Exceeds the limit of characters for Group names
  • Gain access to change the background and fonts of WhatsApp 
  • Features a built-in WhatsApp locker to secure your chats and the entire WhatsApp mod

But behind all these impressive features are risks to the security of your phone usage and more. 

Why You Should Stop Using These WhatsApp Mods: The Risks Involved

Perhaps you have seen other people using different kinds of WhatsApp on their smartphones, but these WhatsApp apps are not official and, thus, are not secure. The fact that they are not available on app stores is already a warning for you. Please do not use these apps. 

If you install the unofficial modified WhatsApp APK on your device, it will not be overwritten on the official application. It is used to have several WhatsApp accounts on an Android device, for instance, and for many other features. 

Here are the many reasons why you should dare not install any WhatsApp mod on your smartphone or tablet. 

1. Your Messages Will Not Be Secure

Using these WhatsApp mods, you might get your messages into third-party servers instead of just the official WhatsApp app alone. Your private data may be used for evil purposes. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

2. WhatsApp Mods Are Potentially

According to the technology news website BGR, one of the popular WhatsApp mods, WhatsApp Plus, contains links to shady websites, indicating that the mod is communicating with third-party servers. As a consequence, you are exposing your private information to these servers. In turn, the mod app can install adware and malware on your device, which are, obviously, harmful. 

3. Updates Are Not Available On Google Play

Many WhatsApp mods are unofficial, so the Google Play Store does not permit them. With that being said, these mods are also not updated through Google Play. You will see that the first step to installing a WhatsApp mod is to head over to a third-party site to download the latest version of the mod application. You will also need to install the mod manually. Throughout the process, you may be faced with harmful ads and malware on pirated sites, so it will be difficult to update your app, especially since the app is not on Google Play. 

4. You Can Be Banned Anytime 

Just like buying fake followers on Instagram, WhatsApp can ban you if you use a WhatsApp mod. A lot of people have cried foul over this in online communities and forums. 

For example, the WhatsApp Plus mod can prevent you from using the actual WhatsApp services since it is not an official version. 

Note: If in case, you are restricted, you need to install the official WhatsApp version, and your account can be restored after 24 hours. 

5. Unofficial Developers May Include Ads

The official WhatsApp Messenger is free. Also, it is not keen on showing ads, and there are no signs it will, even in the near future. Unauthorized developers may include ads to generate revenue. Indeed, you do not want any features outside the jurisdiction of what is official, right?


So, should you install a WhatsApp mod? Here is our simple and short answer. No. These WhatsApp mods are not safe to use. While the customizations and features that these mods offer are enticing, it is not worth risking your privacy and account for. 

We want to be clear about everything. By us saying you should not use these WhatsApp mods does not mean that you should stop using the WhatsApp platform. WhatsApp is still a great instant messaging app. It is just that we found problems when you start using mods with WhatsApp. 

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