Want to topple the biggest enemies in “Elden Ring”? You must have the best magical spells and incantations by your side. A powerful spell can save you a plethora of stress, and a legendary spell can make even the most brutal enemies quiver in fear. 

But, before you can access these spells, you must first know where to find them. Here’s where you can find all the legendary spells and incantations in “Elden Ring.”

Where To Find All The Legendary Spells And Incantations In ‘Elden Ring’

Flame Of The Fell God

Flame of the Fell God is an über powerful fireball spell that can slowly follow its targets before setting off a massive explosion, thereby setting the ground on fire. 

Adan, Thief of Fire, drops this incantation in Liurnia’s Malefactor’s Evergaol.

Greyoll’s Roar

Meanwhile, Greyoll’s Roar is a very powerful Dragon incantation that can summon a head on top of the players so that they can hit enemies nearby within earshot. 

It is the most time-consuming among all the spells on this list, so prepare your patience. Greyoll’s Roar is obtainable after defeating the giant sleeping dragon outside Caelid’s Fort Haight. 

This dragon possesses over 100,000 HP, so it is hard to kill. But don’t worry, as he won’t strike back at you. Breathe normally. Simply strike his left leg until his health bar gets depleted. Doing so gives you five Dragon Hearts as your reward. Then, take those Hearts to the Church of Dragon Communion in southern Caelid before trading them for what you are looking for.

Comet Azur

Comet Azur is an intense beam spell that can topple multiple bosses with just one shot when done efficiently. 

Find this spell in the Altus Plateau region. But remember. Be sure you interact with Primeval Sorcerer Azur, south of the Gelmir Hero’s Grace Grave site.

Founding Rain Of Stars

On the other hand, Founding Rain of Stars is a formidable AoE spell that showers enemies (albeit in a small area) with several tiny light beams from the sky. Sounds Biblical? Well.

Find this sorcery inside a chest located on top of the Heretical Rise in the Mountaintops of the Giants. But there are some facts to remember. When you arrive at Heretical Rise, you will notice a magical barrier blocking the front entrance to the tower.

To get inside that tower, you must first head toward the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook site of Grace before approaching Heretical Rise from the rear entrance. An invisible bridge will connect the area’s northern cliffs to the towers’ rear entrance.

Of course, you will have to spot the invisible bridge. To do so, rummage through the cliffside near the Grace site for a mist shaded brown and white. This mist shall trail off across the ravine, eventually taking you to a balcony that leads to Heretical Rise. Easy peasy. 

Stars Of Ruin

From Founding Rain of Stars to Stars of Ruin. It works similarly as the former, but Stars of Ruin’s light rays will aggressively chase your enemies.

After showing Comet Azur’s sorcery to Sorceress Sellen in Limgrave’s Waypoint Ruins, she will instruct you to locate Master Lusat in Caelid’s Sellia Hideaway. Deep in this hideaway, you must break a magic barrier that protects Master Lusat. Once done, you can interact with the master to obtain the Stars of Ruin sorcery.

Elden Stars

Elden Stars bears the game’s name, so it must be special. Believe us, it really is. This incantation somewhat combines the Flame of the Fell God and the Founding Rain of Stars. Here, massive beams rain down on your opponents until a gigantic slow light orb lands on them, inflicting considerable AoE damage.

Getting this incantation for yourself involves taking a trip to the Great Waterfall Crest site of Grace in Deeproot Depths. Then, you must head over to the nearby tree roots until you get to the entrance of a cave elevated.

Then, skirt past the ants inside the cave until you get to a clearing. Upon reaching this point, you will find a body possessing Elden Stars.

Ranni’s Dark Moon

This legendary sorcery emits a powerful magical orb that chases enemies and even explodes on impact. A must-have.

This is a spell that requires you to first make progress in a questline, particularly Ranni’s quest. Doing so unlocks the Moonlight Altar site of Grace on top of the plateau located in southwest Liurnia. 

As soon as you unlock the Moonlight Altar, proceed south toward Chelona’s Rise, where you’ll solve the three great wise beasts’ puzzle. After you have vanquished the three turtles spread throughout the plateau, you can head inside Chelona’s Rise. Be sure to make your way to the summit, where you can find the Ranni’s Dark Moon sorcery.

Be A Legend In ‘Elden Ring’

“Elden Ring” is one of those games that champion various kinds of combat. Thus, a great way to succeed in them is to use magic. The game’s countless sorceries that beat down enemies and incantations that boost your character’s potential, its magic is a powerful alternative to the familiar sword-and-shield combat present in many games. PVP Live hopes you were guided on where to find all legendary sorcery and incantations in the game through the discussion above. 

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