Where to Get Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has just been released a few days ago but it seems gamers are loving what it has to offer right now. Genshin Impact is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices. It will be getting a Switch port at a later date. The game requires players to level up, battle monsters and even gather items such as Dandelion Seeds in order to become more powerful in the game.

They may not seem like it but Dandelion Seeds are a really helpful item to collect in Genshin Impact. Despite its significance and use in various commissions and recipes, the game doesn’t tell how players can obtain this item or where they can find them. Fortunately, there are a few accessible farming spots where players can acquire dozens of Dandelion Seeds.

Dandelion Seeds have countless uses in Genshin Impact, but players will need to locate and gather them first. These seeds can be located all throughout the world in various specific places, but there are a few areas there they are guaranteed to appear every day.

After locating a Dandelion, players will have to hit it with Anemo Magic – Genshin Impact’s version of the wind element. The main character will have a default wind spell but others including Venti can also carry out the task. Hitting the flower with any wind spell will make it drop seeds.

Dandelions can be found mostly sticking out in areas around Mondstadt. The best and easiest area to farm them is in the city gate exteriors where numerous dandelions spawn each day. Aside from this, players can also find them in the nearby temple outside of Mondstadt.

Anemo Slimes will show up if the player gets too close but defeating them is also another way of getting Dandelion Seeds. Finally, in a chunk of land located between the Stone Gate and the Dawn Winery, players should explore a ridge to find several Dandelions growing. They just have to make sure that they hit them with wind spells to get the seeds.

Although there is a mission that asks players to gather Dandelion Seeds, they can be used in various ways as well. Frequently, players will need to gather them to complete daily commissions which make them an excellent way to level up their character’s Adventure Rank in the game. They are also a key ingredient for the Ascension of Jean so players who will want to use her will have to farm for a few extra seeds.

Farming Dandelion Seeds are easy but players must know where to locate them and how they can harvest them. Knowing these facts should make it an easy challenge to gather at least 15 Dandelion Seeds per day which will be required for ascension since the character Jean needs a total of  168 Dandelion Seeds to reach her maximum Ascension.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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