White Shadows: a Noir Platformer Inspired By Animal Farm Has 2021 Release Date

White Shadows, with its 3D background and 2D platformer foreground, is a combination of both Limbo and Metropolis. It’s a game that features the usual staples that spooky platformers have, such as holding on to swinging cages for instance.

What makes White Shadows so unique is the fact that it’s a black and white game, which is not that common anymore in this day and age. Asides from that, it’s also a loose adaptation of the world-renowned Animal Farm by George Orwell.

You play as someone called Ravengirl, who is simply trying to escape a city where animals earn the color white in order to keep safe from an epidemic that ravaged the world. This city is called The White City, and it’s being controlled by a dictatorial animal regime.


In other words, those fortunate animals who are a part of the ruling class get to enjoy the hard work of the lower class. Ravengirl no longer wants to be an unquestioning worker, so she decides to explore the city and see what awaits her, hoping to learn more about the plague in the process.

Some time ago, the great war led to a plague which wiped almost all living things from the face of the earth. Or so they say. Nobody is safe outside the White City, and the birds are to blame for the plague. Or so they say. Only a shining coat of fresh white color will protect you from the plague, and you must earn your ration of color by staying obedient. Or so they say. But Ravengirl stopped listening.

In this bizarre, black and white world where disobedience will not go unpunished, you have to help Ravengirl maneuver around the city. White Shadows will be available during the first half of 2021 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. You can also add it to your wishlist on Steam right now.

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