Today almost every person uses mobile gadgets and communicates through different messengers. Telegram application quickly gained popularity thanks to its privacy features and addictive usability. Unlike other similar apps, it allows you to text your friends and share media files in real-time, fast and secure. In addition, the indisputable advantage of Telegram – free cloud storage – helps it to remain one of the most downloaded applications.

Is it possible to create a Telegram account without a phone number?

Honestly, it’s literally impossible to register on Telegram without entering a mobile number. This is a mandatory requirement designed to avoid the creation of spambots and automatic mailings. After receiving your phone number, the system will send you SMS or make a voice call giving you a unique combination of numbers. I will use this code to identify you and finalize the registration. It means you can’t put fake numbers: in this case you never receive verification.

Anyway, who told you that you should give your personal data and share your real number? If you’d like to keep your privacy you can sign up on Telegram using special platforms, for example,, and buy a virtual phone number to create a new account.

What’s the reason you should have a virtual phone number for Telegram?

As soon as Telegram delivers you verification code, you actually don’t need further access to the phone you provided, so buying a virtual phone number is a good decision for people who:

  • not willing to share their original mobile number;
  • can’t afford to buy several SIM cards;
  • eager to create as many personal profiles as they desire.

If you don’t need permanent access to the online phone number you can purchase a disposable one and don’t pay monthly. In case you need to change your profile settings regularly or use your account from multiple devices for quite a long time it’s better to buy a permanent phone number.

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