Here’s a newsflash for you – mutual masturbation is not exclusively for teenagers who aren’t yet willing to go all the way. Nor is it something that only those in long-distance relationships stand to get something out of.

Often, it’s not until you give something a shot yourself that you realize what you have been missing out on. Mutual masturbation is a prime example, which to a degree, is what the entire online sex video chat industry is built upon. 

If mutual masturbation wasn’t fantastic, a million cam girl models would be out of a job. 

But what’s often overlooked is how even when conventional sex is on the cards, mutual masturbation is still well worth trying out. Irrespective of how subdued or spectacular your sex life may be, mutual masturbation can be enjoyed alongside regular sex in a big way. 

There are certain advantages to mutual masturbation beyond hitting the springs in the ‘normal’ way. If you’ve been wanting to bring up the idea for some time but haven’t known how to go about it, here are just a few of the benefits of giving mutual masturbation a chance:

1. Learning More About Your Partner

Women enjoy masturbating just as much as men and know how to pleasure themselves rightfully. First up, mutual masturbation gives the perfect opportunity to see firsthand (pun intended) exactly how your partner likes to be touched. This can be particularly useful for men, who could often benefit from a few insights on bringing women to orgasm. In which case, what better way to improve your game and put on a top-shelf performance in the bedroom than to watch her doing exactly what she wants you to do to her?

2. No Risks Involved 

What’s also great about mutual masturbation is that there is practically no risk of pregnancy or STI transmission. For obvious reasons, this counts double when hooking up with cam girls remotely when there’s no physical contact involved. You can indulge in mutual masturbation all you like without worrying about unwanted consequences. That is, just as long as you take appropriate precautions when masturbating in the same bed. 

3. New Avenues to Explore

Getting into the wild and wacky world of sex toys is highly recommended and can be great for taking mutual masturbation to the next level. By taking penetrative sex off the table, you open the door to much more ‘alternative’ experimentation. Once you’ve figured out exactly how your partner likes her preferred choice to be used, you can use them to your advantage. Remember that the more you please her, the more effort she’ll make to blow your mind. 

4. Enjoyment Beyond Orgasms

If you can learn to value and enjoy sex as an experience (rather than a release), you’ll soon find yourself discovering a world of new pleasures. The simple fact is that women, in particular, do not have to reach orgasm to enjoy sex. If they did, a pretty sizable proportion of the email community worldwide wouldn’t be into sex. Sex is supposed to be an all-around, multisensory experience that is enjoyable from start to finish. 

Not just a frantic race to the finish line but something that gives you (and your partner) genuine pleasure every step of the way. Mutual masturbation can be a great way to explore the enjoyment of sex beyond orgasms. 

5. Explosive Virtual Sex

Last, virtual sex is much more enjoyable when it is interactive. Jerking off to porn is the preferred option for most men, but it is nonetheless a pretty hollow experience. It’s certainly something that doesn’t come with any element of mutual satisfaction, given how it’s all one-way. You can enjoy something more explosive when you hook up with cam girls. The kind of virtual sex (based around mutual masturbation) that’s equally enjoyable as real-world sex. The difference is that you can hook up with as many gorgeous models as you like as often as possible, with no strings attached and no consequences involved.

In Summary

While mutual masturbation may seem odd to those who haven’t tried it out, it’s incredible how fast the whole thing becomes second nature. Not to mention something that could radically transform your sex life – irrespective of whether your hookups take place online or in the real world. 

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