As we begin our new year on a positive note, trying to find a foothold as the pandemic still walks side by side, keeping fit has become a priority for many. New years is always a busy time for gyms worldwide, and this is when you need to attract as many new members as you can. One unique yet trendy way of doing it is Neon Signs. With the installation of a gym neon sign, you can stand out and attract people’s attention immensely.

Neon signs can be used in a variety of ways! These bright signs can promote your business like nothing else, from installing it as your brand sign to put it on your doors and windows. Another great way is to put it up indoors—motivational quotes, symbols, and signs—these all look brilliant and create a great ambiance for your gym.

Here are a few ways you can use Gym Neon Signs:

Motivational Environment

A gym neon sign can transform your interior or exterior. Today, custom neon signs are available from most manufacturers, and you can make use of the same and create a customized environment. You can select from motivational quotes to famous sayings by Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone, who are an inspiration for every gym goer. The gym does not need to be a boring place with canned music! You can use gym neon signs to create an eclectic environment where the music is supported with mood-enhancing lights! Choose from reds to blues to neon pinks to create an environment that is not only fun but also encourages your gym members to come to the gym every day as it is a source of relaxation.

A gym is a great place to unwind for many; hence giving them the right environment will mean booming business.

Some great sayings which could be transformed into a neon sign include:

  • “No Pain No Gain”
  • “No Guts No Glory”
  • “Never Give Up”
  • “Sweat It Up!”
  • “Nothing is Impossible”
  • “Stop Wishing Start Doing”

A Fun Place

Gyms are often located in old warehouses or sports halls and old buildings. Why not make the place welcoming and fun? Keep in mind people want to come there to unwind after a hard day of work and sweat it out there—all their problems and worries—so make it a place that is fun, trendy, and at the same time calming. This can be achieved by gym neon lights of various colors, which add to the never give up attitude of your personal trainers and members.

You can choose from a LED tube to neon lights in the form of a quote, catchphrase, logo, or image and design a bespoke neon sign that captures your gym’s vibe. Anything related to your ideology and your gym makes it a beautiful place.

Stand-out from the Crowd

The fitness industry is extremely competitive, with new gyms popping up in every town and city yearly. As a gym business proprietor, you will know how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd. Branding is essential in making a name for your gym and creating a dedicated membership base. Even though it seems simple, a neon sign is an ideal addition to your gym’s branding. A brilliant, colorful neon sign showing your gym’s logo or company name will draw the proper attention of passers-by who may be looking for a new gym or are interested in new fitness lessons and private training sessions. With this instantly recognizable form of branding, people will immediately know who you are and what you deliver.

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