After waiting over a year for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s next Operation, Hydra is finally here. CSGO’s Operation: Hydra features new game modes, such as War Games, Weapons Expert, and Wingman. However, actually playing these modes with friends is confusing, and the official website doesn’t explain the process well. Here’s how it’s done.

War Games

Within War Games, you can play six different modes including Heavy Assault Suit, Headshots Only, Hunters-Gatherers, Stab Stab Zap, Flying Scoutsman, and Trigger Discipline. Regardless of the game mode you prefer, there’s only one way you’re able to play the game mode with friends, and it’s going to be a grueling process to do so.

Unfortunately, even if you create a lobby and invite your friends before you start, there’s no way for you to queue together for War Games. One player on your team will have to solo-queue and join an existing War Games match. After successfully connecting, every friend you want to play with has to be invited through the Steam Overlay. You could also right-click their name in the main menus and hit “Join.”

You and your friends are likely going to have to wait until a slot opens up in the match before you’re able to connect to the chosen server, and this process might take a while.

This is the only method to play War Games with friends.

Weapons Expert

Weapons Expert places you and your team in a competitive match, with heavy restrictions. You’re only able to buy weapons a limited amount of times per match. Say your team buys four AK47s, but you die and lose the round. You will no longer be able to buy AK47s for the rest of the match.

Playing Weapons Expert with friends, however, is much easier. When Weapons Expert is the featured Operation: Hydra game mode, you can click the play button to start a lobby instead of being forced into queue immediately like War Games.

Invite your friends and start your match.


Wingman is the ultimate CSGO game mode to test you and your friend’s coordination. In the 2v2, single bombsite game mode, you’ll need solid teamwork to win. Or maybe just really amazing aim. Either way, playing Wingman with a friend is much easier than War Games.

Similar to Weapons Expert, you may start a lobby before actually queuing up. That said, you’ll be limited to one teammate due to the nature of the game mode. Invite your chosen ally and queue up.

CSGO’s Operation: Hydra, including all three new game modes, is available now for all players and will end in October.

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