If you are on a quest to earn WoW gold, discover new WoW items, or want to journey to a new location for the first time, then Suramar is the place to go. This is one of the biggest locations within Legion, and it is packed with such a variety of content that you are bound to find part of it that you enjoy. There are many different creatures and animals to discover, as well as being inhabited by a busy city with the narrative surrounding demons and elves.

Speaking of narrative, the story will take players into the role of the Nightfallen, who will be looking to eradicate the demons that are in Surarmar City. Grand Magistrix Elisande, the leader of the Nightborne, has given access to the Burning Legion. Ridding the demons from the city is not going to be an easy task, and you will see the elves teaming with the Nightfallen rebellion to complete the task at hand. The biggest threat sees Gul’dan attempting to summon Sargeras within the Nighthold, and it’s worth stating that the zone is worth exploring for the story alone.

How to Access Suramar

The way in which Suramar works differs from other zones within Legion. In fact, Suramar in World of Warcraft is exclusive to characters that are at level 110. Even though you can still take a look around the zone, and perform tasks such as collecting mana or killing mobs, you won’t be able to take on any of the quests here. You will notice that once you have reached level 110 that the Dungeon Guide icon will start flashing.

This is where you will have the choice of starting Khadgar’s Discovery, which is the tutorial quest of sorts for Suramar, or you can do a different version of the quest by going to the new Dalaran. You will then get a distress signal in the following quest from the Arcane Anomaly, where a portal to Suramar is opened by Khadgar.

Storylines and Side Quests

The predominant storyline within Suramar revolves around introducing players to The Nightfallen. You will be introduced to the once First Arcanist of Suramar City, Thalyssra, and will be shown how she comes across new allies and what guides her to take Shal’Aran as the refugees’ home. Once you have completed the storyline, you will be able to unlock the scenario entitled Withered Army Training.

Then you have side stories in which you will find that there are quest chains that are connected to the initial main narrative. You will find a number of side quests that need to be completed for you to unlock certain areas of the zone, as well as world quests and dungeons. For example, if you want to unlock dungeons such as Court of Stars and The Arcway, then you will find the quest required to do so within the side story chapter called Statecraft. For this quest line, you will need to have 8,000 reputation with The Nightfallen, and the Blood and Wine chapter will need to have been finished. You can then get The Perfect Opportunity quest from First Arcanist Thalyyssra which begins Statecraft.

You will also find optional quests too that don’t rely on the main storyline or the side quest chains that come with it. More will become available as you finish Nightfall, and you can gain around 6900 Artifact Power and 400 Ancient Mana which can come in handy for those who have just hit the required 110 level for your character.


Given its short amount of flight points, Suramar instead opts for a teleportation network for you to use when traversing the area. In total, there is 9 different teleporter beacons in Suramar, some of which you can activate with Ancient Mana, whilst others rely on advancing through the story to unlock them. You can use the teleporters to get to the main hub, Shal’Aran, and back. To unlock this system, you will need to have finished the Chief Telemancer Oculeth chapter that’s part of the Suramar storyline.

You are now ready to explore the Suramar in more depth, once you have met the requirements of course. You won’t have to resort to having to buy WoW gold, but there are criteria that you will have to meet in order to get to where you need to be in Suramar.

Have you explored World of Warcraft Suramar? Let us know in the comments section below!

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