Xbox Series X|S Console Shortage Will Persist Until April

The Xbox Series X|S consoles are estimated to be lacking in supply until at least April next year. After significant preorder numbers resulted in shipment delays and physical shortage on the console’s November release date, it’s improbable that the consoles will be found on store shelves until early 2021.

Microsoft revealed that release day sales for the Xbox Series X|S resulted in the company’s most successful console release ever. Between both consoles, Microsoft reported that it sold more than 1.3 million units on release day alone, with the Series X being more favored of the two. The Series S has the cheaper price, but it seems that more fans want the extra power potential provided by the Series X.

According to a credible news site, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Series X|S consoles will be experiencing supply shortages until the second quarter of next year, or around April 2021. The overwhelming number of preorders resulted in a scarcity of supply available on release day, and even some more early purchasers will need to wait until after the holidays for their preorders to arrive. Microsoft is doing what it can to produce more consoles and reassures possible buyers to keep updated from their local retailers for new stocks.

Microsoft said they have been working round the clock to refresh their stock of next-gen consoles as often as possible. As a matter of fact, the company has already posted restock times and dates for Black Friday, one of the most critical sales weeks of the year, but just how many units it will be able to make and ship that week, in addition to completing preorders, is uncertain. Microsoft is suggesting fans to check with their local stores for a restock update, but they can’t verify when the supplies will be delivered.

The Xbox Series X|S consoles have been extremely anticipated since they were announced, so the high number of sales and preorders should have been foreseen by both consumers and Microsoft. However, those who will need to wait to receive their consoles may consider it a blessing.

The lucky few who were able to receive their consoles early have found several problems with them, which will likely be fixed with either a new firmware or updated hardware. Hopefully, Microsoft will invest some time to build their stocks up and enhance the Xbox Series X|S consoles as much as they can, and prevent any new problems from emerging.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc is a frantic writer, blogger, and ghostwriter. He quit his office job as an Applications Engineer for the love of writing. When he’s not working, he’s either playing with his PS4 or his 1-year old daughter.

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