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You might have heard of NFTs before, given as it was all everybody could talk about a few months ago, but now it seems that even McDonald’s is jumping in on the trend. In a recent announcement, the famous fast-food chain is releasing a limited number of non-fungible tokens (a.k.a NFTs) to mark the McRib sandwich’s 40th anniversary.

The giveaway, which was hosted on Twitter last November 1, is essentially the “digital version of the fan favorite sandwich.” The NFT trend may be new, but it’s incredible how quickly it became mainstream in just a short period. Believe it or not, but this digital trend has people spending millions of dollars just to acquire certain NFTs.

A fine example would be digital artist Beeple’s image collage NFT, which someone bought for nearly $70 million. But you might be wondering: what do you do with an NFT once you’ve acquired it? Well, it’s only digital, so you can’t hold it or even hang it up. In other words, you can’t really physically interact with it in any way.

Basically, NFTs are digital files, but their foundation is made out of blockchain technology, which is the same kind used in popular crypto such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. That said, NFT is different from your regular cryptocurrency because NFTs are completely unique. Not only that, each one has a rightful owner and can’t be copied. Because of the fact that NFTs can’t be duplicated, this is why so many people desire to own one.

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

McDonald’s is giving enthusiasts a chance to win the McRib NFT on their Twitter account. The rules are simple: all you need to do is follow the official account on Twitter and retweet the sweepstakes post, which was posted yesterday, November 1. Interested participants can join the giveaway between November 1 through November 7.

McDonald’s will then choose ten winners by November 12, and they’ll need to have a crypto wallet in order to accept their new McRib NFT. In line with this, participating McDonald’s restaurants all over the world will be releasing the BBQ-flavored McRib for a limited time only starting November 1.

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