In “Hogwarts Legacy,” you could not embark on adventures with friends until this freely downloadable mod was created.

Going off on adventures with friends is more fun in the game, especially since “Harry Potter,” from where it was inspired, is, after all, a story of wizard friends. Thanks to this new mod, this is now all possible. 

Before this, “Hogwarts Legacy” was missing something that the popular novel series had: Companions. Originally, players could just go solo unless quests required a Companion, so it was a pretty lonely road. 

Companions Mod

Fortunately, a modder on Nexus Mods, a website hosting computer game mods and other user-created content related to video game modding and one of the biggest gaming mod sites on the Internet, created the Companions Mod.

“This mod/guide allows you to take Companions with you on your adventures,” the mod’s official page on Nexus Mods stated. “Hello everybody, I found a way to take Companions with us by editing SQL data of our save files. Making a mod using SQL data does not work because game saves overwrite the values we set. The mod file includes a list with useable Companions and a custom mod that changes Companions. Professors as well as students work as Companions.”

Basically, this Companions Mod allows your wizard or witch to be joined by a Companion on their journey through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and its surrounding areas. 

This Companion can be one of your fellow schoolmates or your favorite professor. They will be by your side unless their own quest summons them. Though they teleport when they use your broom, they are with you every step of the way. 

This includes battle areas, the Room of Requirement, and beyond. These Companions also cast the same spells as you do, battle enemies, and even make odd comments on your exploits. Friends through thick and thin, indeed.


However, the modder issued a warning on the Companions Mod. They tell you not to use Companions if you are in the middle of their quest. To be safe, they also tell you not to edit your save file if you are doing any quest as things may get buggy.

They also remind you not to forget to save a copy of your save files and to exercise caution when editing save files, as they can get messy. Make sure the save file you are editing is the right file. You must also check your money and all other things in the save editor, as well as compare them with your in-game save to avoid any mishap.

If you edit a save file at the beginning of the game, it might crash, though this is not always the case. The modder suggests starting using it by the time you unlock the Crossed Wands Dueling Club.

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