From a story on “Batman” from us here at PVP Live, we’re jumping comics universes from DC to Marvel. “X-Men” fans were indeed hyped up when they first heard about “X-Men ‘97.”

Now this brand-new upcoming animated series about your favorite Marvel superheroes has been hanging on in-the-works status seemingly for eternity. It is believed that it is up for release early this year, particularly in April 2024, according to some news reports, shortly after its comics version comes out this March. 

If the rumors were true, it wouldn’t be a long wait from now. Even more thrilling is that new official character designs for “X-Men ‘97” have been released recently. 

New official character designs

These designs that will surely entice fans who have been waiting for so long were unveiled on the X account of @XMenFilmNews, which is a reputable source for everything X-Men.  

The viral images reveal the new and revamped character designs for various X-Men members, including Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, Beast, Rogue, Magneto, Gambit, Sunspot, Jubilee, Bishop, and Morph. 

Very avid fans might raise their eyebrows at these as the designs resemble how the character looked in “X-Men: The Animated Series.” But they have to look more closely as these new character designs feature sharper lines, and are a bit more detailed and refined.

The long wait will be over soon

“X-Men ‘97” is an upcoming television series from American Marvel Studios Animation that viewers can stream on Disney+. It is also the revival version of and sequel to the 1992 animated series, “X-Men: The Animated Series.” Its plot would continue where that 1992 series left off. 

Curious about its story? Well, it has Wolverine and Storm continuing the X-Men legacy. But Magneto steps in and attempts to step up for the legendary Professor Charles Xavier. Will this sinister plot to end X-Men once and for all be thwarted?

Specifically, “X-Men ‘97” will start with Magneto and the entire X-Men gang after Professor X leaves for Shi’ar space, as seen in the original show’s finale.  

“X-Men ‘97” is regarded as “a spiritual and tonal continuation of the classic 1990s series that aired on Fox,” as well as ” a retro love letter to the original.”

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