10 Best Draw Cards In Yu-Gi-Oh! Every Player Should Have

You’ve challenged another player to a high-stakes duel, and when it gets down to it, you don’t have the cards you need. It’s embarrassing to have 5 or 6 cards in your hand and be unable to do something about them. For some decent drawing ability, frustrating moments like these can be greatly improved in rarity.

Each archetype, form, and attribute would have its own set of consistency cards, but there are plenty of standardized cards available as well. This list can come in handy if you decide to brush up on some of your decks.

Good Goblin Housekeeping


Since this is a trap card, you must wait until the turn after it has been set to play it. You must be careful when playing with this card because its effects begin to operate the second round you play it. There will be no improvement during the first round of play and your average hand size will be the same.

This card, however, unleashes its ferocious results in the second and third rounds of play. It helps you to draw a number of cards equal to the number of Good Goblin cards in your graveyard plus one. After that, you should put one card from your hand at the bottom of the deck. You still have the option of exchanging any cards in your hand that you don’t need for a new draw.

Sekka’s Light


If you don’t have any spell or trap cards in your graveyard, Sekka’s Light is a lifesaver. You will draw two cards with this magical card. However, after you’ve played Sekka’s Light, you can’t use any other spells or traps like Sekka’s Light.

Delete this card from your deck, show a monster in your hand, shuffle that monster into your deck, and draw a new card. Each impact of Sekka’s Light can only be used once every turn. It’s a gold mine for drawing, but not if your deck runs on spells and traps.

Pot of Dichotomy


Dichotomy is a card that functions in most, but not all, decks because it allows monsters in your Graveyard to be at least three different types. Fortunately, most monster series comfortably meet a three-type mark, as most have over twenty printed forms.

The result of Dichotomy allows you to shuffle the three distinct forms into your deck and draw two cards. You’ll get two cards for the price of one, but your combat process for the turn will be inactive, meaning you won’t be able to fight. Still, a formidable draw power that can be used in a variety of decks, particularly when defense and setup are priorities.

Tethys, Goddess of Light


You’ll need a tribute to summon this beast normally. It has a 2400 assault rating and an 1800 security rating. When you draw one of these monster cards, it can show one of the card’s fairy monsters, allowing you to draw again.

Furthermore, if the card you draw turns out to be a fairy creature, you can restart the process and draw as many cards as you want as long as your luck continues. This, however, is not possible during the damage step. Since the Goddess of Light is a fairy monster, you may clone her and add to your deck as you go.

Upstart Goblin


Each deck can only have one copy of Upstart Goblin. This can seem odd to the ordinary duelist, but once you realize the card’s usefulness, you’ll see why it’s been limited. When you play Upstart Goblin, you get to draw a card and give your enemy 1000 life points.

It’s a game of chance with a card. After you’ve earned your enemy some life points, you’ll need to be able to smash them hard. It’s important that whatever you’re drawing is worthwhile.

Kuraz The Light Monarch


While Kuraz is a member of the Monarch archetype, its influence is independent of its peers, making it consistent with any deck. To normal summon a Level 6 demon, you’ll need to tribute one beast. When you do, you can kill up to two cards on the field (including your own), and each player draws one card for each card killed by this result.

Kuraz can either be used as a removal, a draw driver, or both! Unfortunately, it can’t strike the turn it activates its influence, but you can use it to clear out your unwanted field cards and open up new possibilities. Due to their ability to be resummoned, pendulum monsters make excellent targets.

Kuras has a high ATK, and you don’t have to think about keeping it alive because its influence is triggered when you summon it. A Rank 6 XYZ summons may also use this card as fodder.

Balance of Judgment


When you’re about to lose a duel, Balance of Judgement is one of the easiest Yugioh draw cards to use. Balance of Judgment is triggered when the enemy holds the bulk of the cards and you have a small number of cards in your possession.

It draws you cards equal to the number of cards held by your opponent against what you have until it is allowed. You will use Balance of Judgment to pull even the odds if your opponent takes out any of your cards from the table. Note that this trap card can only be used once per turn.

Reckless Greed


A trap card that is similar to Pot of Greed, but with a few flaws. You have the right to draw two cards when you play Reckless Greed. You are prohibited from drawing cards for the next two draw phases by using the trap card Reckless Greed.

This card essentially allows you to have everything you want for the next two flips. It’s convenient in that sense if you’re in a hurry, but if you end up with more cards than you can use… So, you’ve created problems for yourself. The perfect strategy is to play several Reckless Greed games at the same time. Play all three cards at once, draw six cards, and just skip two draw stages, for example (rather than potentially six draw phases).

Allure of Darkness


For this card to function, you must have dark-attributed monsters in your set. Nonetheless, since dark is arguably the most common attribute (there are only six key attributes, far fewer than types), it can lure many a construct.

Allure is a simple card that allows you to draw two cards and then compel you to discard your whole hand if you don’t banish a dark monster from your hand. Unfortunately, banishing will not allow you to return from the graveyard, but the card’s simplicity and effectiveness make it stand out. You don’t have to wait for Allure’s extra pulls, and you don’t have to fill your Graveyard first, because you can do it right now.

Furthermore, a limited number of effects communicate with banished cards, so being excluded from the play will sometimes assist in the creation of a combo.

Supply Squad


If a monster you control is defeated by combat or a card reaction, you can draw one card once per turn. This is a permanent magic card that will continue to function for you until your adversary removes it from the field. Make sure you have more than one Supply Squad in your deck in case you skip one.

Many Supply Squad cards may be used at the same time. Fair warning: Don’t draw so many from your deck that you run out of cards to draw. It’s still game over if you can’t draw anymore.

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