Get IMAX theater-like experience with Z-Edge’s 27-inch curved gaming monitor, available on Newegg with up to 25 percent savings on your end.

This U27C monitor is capable of wrapping your field of vision like the IMAX theater, allowing your eyes to take in everything it shows at once without strain, giving you more comfort and giving your eyes more immersion.

Supporting a 1920 x 1080 resolution, this curved gaming monitor delivers vivid and stunning images, presenting videos or pictures with more details.

Its display also features a lightning 75Hz refresh rate and 5m response time, reducing picture stuttering and ghosting.

And with its superior 178-degree viewing angle, this curved gaming monitor offers a larger perceived field of view so that you can view the screen from each angle without distortions. How about that?

Featuring the traditional VGA port, this gaming monitor has one additional HDMI port as well, making it easy to connect with other devices. You can use your headphones via the audio port for better sound performance.

Furthermore, its three-sided frameless design and sleek profile make full use of the screen, making it easy to expand your view in a dual-monitor setup, significantly improving efficiency.

Plus, with its two built-in speakers, this gaming monitor affords the surround sound experience, whether you are playing games or watching movies. You can simply add your own speaker or headphones via the 3.5-millimeter audio jack.

Its flicker-free and low blue light technology minimizes blue light to protect your eyes from strain after prolonged use of the monitor.

It also has a tiltable stand that allows you to adjust the angle to your most comfortable position.

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