Will Boondock Saints 3 Ever Happen?

The Boondock Saints franchise has two films that, at this point, have a considerable cult following. Because it has its fair share of avid fans, many people are wondering if the third movie will ever be filmed and premiered in this lifetime. The original Boondock Saints movie had a very interesting production time, nearly as intriguing as the movie itself.

Troy Duffy, the writer and director of Boondock Saints, was basically a nobody before he sold the movie’s script to Miramax for a considerable price during a bidding war. You can witness the turn of events yourself via a documentary entitled Overnight, which chronicled how the film developed during its early stages and how Duffy’s behavior caused Miramax to back out of their agreement instead.

As a result, Boondock Saints was financed by an independent studio, but for a significantly lower budget. Nevertheless, the film was received well and had a strong cult following, even though it had a limited distribution. The film features well-known faces, including Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead and Sean Patrick Flanery—both of whom play as vigilantes known as the McManus brothers.

The movie’s interesting dark comedy along with its action-packed sequences attracted the fans, although it took quite a long time before the second movie’s release. Both Reedus and Flanery reprised their roles as brothers for The Boondock Saints II: All Saint’s Day (2009). Now, given how the two movies were able to accumulate a considerable number of enduring fans, can they look forward to a third installment of The Boondock Saints?


What Is Boondock Saints About?

The Boondock Saints is an American vigilante action film released in 1999. Connor McManus and Murphy McManus are fraternal twins who turn into vigilantes after they ended up killing two Russian Mafia members in self-defense. After experiencing some kind of awakening, the two brothers, along with their friend known as “Funny Man” Rocco (played by David Della Rocco), go on a self-proclaimed mission to rid Boston of evil and crime. Meanwhile, an FBI special agent named Paul Smecker (played by Willem Dafoe) is hot on their trail.

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day is a sequel to the original film and was premiered in 2009. There’s a significant time skip in this movie, as it takes place about eight years after the events of the first movie. Both Connor and Murphy are now living in peace in Ireland with their father “II Duce,” a former assassin. However, someone blames them for the murder of a priest located in Boston, which causes the twins to jump right back into action. The infamous vigilante duo returns to the United States, where they meet new and old faces.

Something Was in the Works

At first, it seemed that it was impossible for there to be a Boondock Saints 3, especially since Norman Reedus once said in 2012 that the film wasn’t moving forward after a meeting with Duffy and Flanery. However, the tide seemed to turn in 2014, when Duffy revealed that he was working on a script which he dubbed Boondock Saints 3: Legion.

According to him, this third installment involved “legions” of people who were moved by the McManus brothers and felt inspired to become vigilantes as well in honor of them. The excitement didn’t seem to end there, though. It was also announced in 2017 that a TV series entitled The Boondock Saints: Origins was in the works, and it was supposed to reinterpret the franchise as we knew it.

Reedus and Flanery Won’t Be a Part of Boondock Saints 3

However, it doesn’t seem to be all good news. Apparently, both Reedus and Flanery won’t be starring in Boondock Saints 3 if ever the filming starts, even though both actors have a deep love for the films and the characters they represent. Flanery clarified in a Twitter post back in 2017 that both he and Reedus were not involved in any way with the new announcements made regarding the franchise.

He talks more about this in an interview later on, where he revealed that it wasn’t an easy choice to walk away from the franchise, but he and Reedus refused to ignore something that happened during production that they believed was “unethical.”

Will Boondocks Saints 3 Push Through?

As of now, there have been little-to-no updates about how the development of The Boondock Saints 3: Legion or The Boondocks Saints: Origins are going or if there has been any progress at all. It appears that both of the original stars won’t be reprising their roles this time around, which could possibly pose an obstacle to the franchise securing financial resources. After all, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus is especially popular nowadays, and having him on board would have ensured viewers.


Is Boondock Saints Based on Real Events?

According to writer and director Duffy, the initial movie’s screenplay was actually inspired by something that happened to him in real life while he was living in LA. Specifically, he worked as a bartender and bouncer for a while in Los Angeles, and one night as he was on his way home, he came across the dead body of a woman who was getting wheeled out of a heroin dealer’s apartment—right across where he lived.

What’s the Meaning of the Twins’ Tattoos?

As you may have noticed, Connor and Murphy both have tattoos, and many people have wondered what they meant. Connor has the word “VERITAS” on his left index finger, and it’s a Latin word meaning that simply means “Truth.”

On the other hand, Murphy has the word “AEQUITAS” tattooed on his right index finger. Similarly, it’s also a Latin word that means “Justice” or “Equality.” Given the two characters’ important roles as vigilantes in the films, it makes a lot of sense why they’d have these tattoos and they actually help shape their respective characters even more.


At this stage, we don’t want to get our hopes up, and perhaps you shouldn’t too. There’s no guarantee whatsoever that a third movie is in the works, especially since Duffy has been mum about the franchise since its last announcement.

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