The most common form of anime is probably a series. But if you want a breath of fresh air, you may also indulge in anime movies. These films can be finished in one sitting, unlike series, which require waiting for the next day or week for a brand-new episode. 

Among the best places to find some fantastic anime movies is Crunchyroll. Previously, you learned about the best animes to watch here. This time, PVP Live is taking you to the best and must-watch anime movies right now on the platform. 

‘Wolf Children’

“Wolf Children” is a drama film whose story’s central theme concerns a mother and her children. It depicts 13 years in the life of Hana, a young lady who falls in mad love with a werewolf while she is in college. But the werewolf dies, so she now must raise her half-wolf, half-human children, Yuki and Ame, who will grow and carve their own destinities in life. 

‘Your Name.’

Nothing can perhaps be more simplistic than the title of this anime movie. “Your Name.” starts with Mitsuha Miyamuzu, who years for new adventures and events in life. She also dreams of migrating and living in Tokyo, a city known to cradle many opportunities. 

Meanwhile, there’s also Taki Tachibana in the story, seemingly living this dream of Miyamuzu, balancing studies and bonding with friends in high-end cafés while working part-time in a luxurious restaurant to earn a living. 

One day, the two awaken in each other’s bodies, finding themselves seeing through each other’s eyes. 


Meanwhile, “Akira” is relatively older than the other anime movies on this list. Launched in 1988, this film is set in a dystopian 2019, with a story revolving around the leader of a biker gang named Shōtarō Kaneda, whose childhood friend, Tetsuo Shima, finds himself with telekinetic powers after a motorcycle accident. This eventually threatens the entire military complex, and worsens the chaos and rebellion in a futuristic Tokyo.

‘Liz And The Blue Bird’

“Liz and the Blue Bird” is a heartwarming story about love, identity, and finding one’s path in life. The story is not as heavy as those of the other anime movies, but its restrictive scope allows it to shine above the rest. 

This film often takes the road less traveled, reaching viewers in a way that others cannot, connecting with the audience on a much deeper level. Of course, its rich visuals and appalling sound design further add to the enjoyment of watching this movie.

‘Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms’

On the other hand, “Maquia: When The Promised Flower Blooms” is a high fantasy drama movie. It tells the story of Maquia, the titular character, a young girl who is part of lorph, a special race of mystical beings who can live and exist for hundreds of years. While escaping war, Maquia stumbles upon a lone surviving infant and decides to raise him like her true son. It’s a mother-and-child story that you shouldn’t miss. 

‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’

“Jujutsu Kaisen” is a popular anime series that has won the hearts of worldwide audiences. But did you know that there is also a movie version?

The film “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” tells the story of Yuta Okkotsu, a timid high school pupil doomed to live a tragic life. Then, there’s also Rika Orimoto, Okkotsu’s childhood friend, who has become a curse. Interestingly, anybody who bullies and threatens the former will suffer from the latter’s vengeance. One day, this situation of Okkotsu is brought to the attention of Satoru Gojou, a powerful sorcerer and teacher at the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School. Gojou helps him turn this misfortune into an advantage.

‘Demon Slayer The Movie – Mugen Train’

“Demon Slayer” is also another anime series that has taken the world by storm. You can enjoy more of its story with its film version, “Demon Slayer The Movie – Mugen Train.”

“Demon Slayer The Movie – Mugen Train” features a boy boars raised, who boards the Infinity Train on a mission with the Flame Pillar together with another boy whose superpowers show up while he sleeps. Their mission: to defeat a demon who has been tormenting others and killing demon slayers who oppose its goals. A must-watch.

‘Sing A Bit Of Harmony’

“Sing a Bit of Harmony” is another anime movie you will love from the moment you see its first frames. It is said to remind viewers of those classic Disney films that defined many childhoods.

This anime film offers an experience that feels not only familiar but also innovative at the same time. Combining high school drama and sci-fi, “Sing a Bit of Harmony” is also filled with unpredictable twists and turns, contributing to its very identity and impact. Add to these are its impeccable animation and hypnotic music which further elevate the viewing experience and make this movie stand out. 

‘Gintama: The Very Final’

“Gintama: The Very Final” is another impressive anime movie based on a popular anime series. This film acts as the conclusion to the storyline of the anime series, making it very interesting. Here, members of the Odd Jobs collaborate and join forces to rescue Earth from the evil, all-powerful Utsuro. 

‘Josee, The Tiger And The Fish’

“Josee, the Tiger and the Fish” is an anime movie based on a novel this time. Its story revolves around Tsuneo Suzukawa, a diligent university student driven by his passion and love for marine biology. This interest motivates him to find opportunities, earn money, and save up to study abroad. One day, he receives an offer to be a caretaker to Josee. He readily accepts this despite his not being ready. He almost quits but doesn’t, so he eventually learns of Josee’s very aspiration – to explore the outside world. Both their dreams intertwine in a story that can touch hearts and lives. 

Crunchyroll is the best place to watch anime movies for people with varied interests, whether they like action, drama, or just a lighthearted story. 

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