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Are you wondering why your performance does not catch up with your colleague’s output while both of you spend the same amount of time doing the same stuff? Well, you may shrug off this question saying that he is superior in intellect and skill-level. But there could be more to it.

After all, there is an ocean of highly talented people who fail to materialize their aptitude at office setup. At the same time, many average workers who pull out more productivity in spite of their limited skills. The significant difference between both is discipline, which accounts for more than just coming and leaving office with utmost punctuality.

Here is how you can catch the eye-balls of your boss by outperforming your co-workers:

Set deadlines

Against the widespread assumption, stress is not always bad. Sometimes it can work in our favor. For example, it is typically noticed that employees engage in work at a much slower pace until their boss gives them a tight deadline. Afterward, right from the manager down to an internee, everyone buries himself to the respective task using the designrr tool. However, it is not necessary to always rely on your boss for a strict deadline. You can act as your own boss. So before you get on with any assignment, make it a point to lay out the cut-off date or hour. Make sure the deadline is not an unrealistic one otherwise, all your focus can fall apart.

Take breaks frequently

Sitting for regular 8-9 hours is a tough nut to crack. But as time goes by, people begin to make peace with this routine. They overlook neck and shoulder pain and continue the business as usual. Well, many studies have established that taking regular breaks can actually upscale your productivity.

So if you are having a hard time to solve a certain issue related to the work, you should go out, evaporate stress and start fresh. Having said that, taking breaks does not mean you have to leave your work every five minutes. On average, an adult’s attention span lasts for 15 to 40 minutes. The break should only be taken when physical and mental fatigue is at its absolute pinnacle.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking is viewed as an essential attribute for a job but it actually contributes to hampering your concentration. And there is no shortage of comprehensive evidence that supports this claim. Therefore, avoid wearing multiple hats just to appease your boss because he will be the first one to give you the dressing down if you mess things around, which is just a matter of time.

Block distractions

Mobile has become an all-important component of our life. Even if your boss is standing right next to you lecturing the staff upon loss hours, you will be tempted to use the mobile as soon as you receive a notification.

That’s precisely why you have to block all the unnecessary notifications of your social media accounts. So much so, you may even shortlist contacts who text or call you for no apparent reason and put them in the blacklist for the time being. As we know, many things have become mobile-oriented. So you can have a quick look at it once you finish off a primary task.

In addition to that, talking to colleagues on unrelated topics or taking long bathroom breaks are also listed as one of the biggest distractions. Keep reminding yourself that there are only a few things important to you while working.

Make a to-do list

Nothing multiplies your productivity as much as a to-do list. Many people tend to jot down the agendas in haste. As a result, many key points evade their memory. Hence, you should avoid making a list while doing casual stuff.

Arguably, the best time to indulge in this activity is just before sleeping. You can even coordinate with your team members to remind you about the next day’s tasks.

Mobile-driven to-do lists have become the talk of the down. But again, they might entice you to switch towards Facebook or Twitter feed. Considering these downsides, a hand-written list appears to be a perfect option.

Don’t attend all the meetings

While meetings are undoubtedly one of the most significant rituals of all workplaces, not all of them hold equal weight. Many a time, workers assemble for a few hours in a room, and they come out without achieving anything worthwhile.

That’s where you have to be street-smart. Don’t fall for every meeting. Pick the ones which can add value to your work and turn your back to the others. If not, you are all set to lose your precious 31 hours every month by being part of unproductive meetings.

Declutter the desk

It is quite remarkable how something as simple as cleanliness can positively influence your performance. For example, you can locate a lost document in a blink of an eye on an organized table while we can’t say the same for a cluttered desk.

Most of the employees have a habit of treating their work desk as a drawing-room. They eat lunch, breakfast, and everything in-between on the desk. If you walk into the office in the morning and catch the sight of such a messy workspace, it will be suicidal for your enthusiasm.

There is no easy way out here. You have to get over these habits and keep your desk as clean as possible.

Keep yourself calm with music

The office atmosphere is not always ideal for work. Sometimes you have to bear up with outside noises. But you can choose to listen to soothing music which is far better than any other voice around you. Moreover, studies claim that you excel at repetitive tasks while listening to soulful tunes.

Stay optimistic

As they say, thoughts are things. Never underestimate the power of being positive. It is one of those qualities that can turn your fortune like anything.

Though not all people are gifted with optimism, you can take measures to develop a positive mindset. The best way to cultivate confidence is to keep repeating affirmative statements. They work literally like magic. In little to no time, you will feel more confident and it will reflect in your performance.

Get a sound sleep in the night

Sleeping on the job is a common phenomenon. You can’t give your best if you feel lazy and tired in the workplace. Regardless of your overwhelming responsibilities, you should take proper sleep at night so that you can do justice with your talent at the office.

The final verdict

People tend to curse their competency when they lag behind their co-workers. And while doing so, they drain themselves from the remaining self-esteem too. Who knows if it could be merely a case of not being conscious of your work habits? Adopt the above tips and you are sure to witness a pleasing change in your output.

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