Game porting is defined as the scenario in which a video game is essentially designed to run on a particular platform such as a gaming arcade, a console, or a computer, but is then converted to run on an altogether different platform. Developers often seek the help of a game porting company

In order to successfully port their game without compromising on its quality. Before the popularity of game porting companies, in the 1990s game porting wasn’t true porting and was merely a rework of the initial game on other platforms.

The popularity and the growth of the video game industry have propelled the sales of video games worldwide, and as of 2020, the industry is said to be worth approximately 90 billion dollars. This popularity has driven video games to be played on different platforms and on various devices, which is why the demand and need for game porting services have also drastically increased. Game porting companies can port games on multiple platforms including from Android to iOS, PC, Mac, Windows, etc. Listed below are the advantages of game porting by professionals:

Game porting gives the player a lot of options

Game porting gives the player a lot of options as they can play the same game on a PC, on their mobile phone, on their gamepad, or on their console at any given time. Depending upon the player’s preference, they can shift the device that they are using and conveniently start where they left their game on the previous device. This gives the player a lot of flexibility and convenience. Players are also able to change or alter their devices as they want due to game porting. They are able to play the game on a big PC screen at high resolution, they can use a gamepad, a VR device, a mouse, a keyboard, etc. depending on their own preference and gaming style.

Game porting is cheaper than writing it from scratch

Game porting is considerably cheaper than writing a game from scratch for it to work on a separate platform. Even for the players of a video game, game porting poses a monetary advantage as PC games are considerably cheaper than console-based games. Certain games, such as Fortnite, are even free for PC users but have a fee for users playing it on PS4. Hence, game porting poses a lot of advantages for both the developers and the users. The same game is available on multiple platforms results in a lot of ease for both parties involved.

Game porting allows you to improve graphical performance

Certain devices, such as a PC, have an advantage for gamers since games on the PC have a slightly better resolution and graphic quality than games on consoles or other devices. Hence, game porting is a great solution as it gives developers the chance to improve their game’s resolution and graphical qualities on particular devices and platforms. Certain gamers might prefer the bright and striking graphics of a PC, while others may prefer the graphics of a console. Hence, game porting is essential as it allows developers to improve graphic performance, and also allows users to choose whichever graphic quality they are fond of and feel comfortable using.

Game porting poses a lot of cost benefits for both developers and for the eventual customers. It allows users a lot of flexibility and convenience in their usage while translating into a lesser cost and cost savings for both parties. Since the world of gaming is evolving and growing, game porting enables developers to keep up with the changes and change according to the users’ behavior and changing technological trends.

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