a close up of a slot machine in a casino

The slot machine industry offers new games every week. Providers try to diversify the mechanics and do it through prize options. New slot machines include a large number of favorable bonuses.

3 wild symbol features

Players will find wild symbols in any classic slot machine. However, modern providers have decided to take a different route. The developers assign new functions to these cards now.

The wild picture can have three additional options at once, which are revealed randomly:

  • Replacement of other images. When the joker appears on the playing field and participates in a winning combination, it swaps cheap cards for expensive ones. The user gets the biggest prize automatically. Modern online casinos for Android offer a separate showcase of such slots.
  • Replacement of neighboring cells. The bonus picture expands to neighboring positions. The player forms a large combination with a nice multiplier.
  • Replacement of the entire reel. Joker fixes the reel on the playing field and freezes at this position for several spins forward. It makes it easier to get winning combinations in the next rounds.

Today, providers combine wild symbols with scatter card functions frequently. Therefore, it is the wild picture that opens the way to the tour with free spins. The Joker acquires new functions during the scrolls. The appearance of new cards gives the user additional rounds at the expense of the gambling club and also increases the overall multiplier on the potential winnings.

Unlimited round of free spins

Free spins are the most favorable part of any slot machine. The provider allows the user to play for free, but still fight for real winnings. Moreover, the amount of payout is not limited. It can be a jackpot with six zeros.

New slot machines include 10 to 15 free spins. On the one hand, this is not much. On the other hand, these scrolls can be extended indefinitely. The online casino customer needs to catch new jokers for this.

The gambler extends the free spins either with a wild symbol, which becomes universal, or with a special scatter card. The user has to catch at least 3 jokers to get into this bonus round.

Free spins are considered the most favorable bonus. New slot machines include additional modes at this point. For example, the player can accumulate an additional multiplier when certain cards fall out on the screen. This is why experts say that it is much more profitable to play new slots with small bets. It reduces the load on the overall bankroll.

Multipliers and buying bonus

Analysts call the chip of modern slot machines the presence of so-called multipliers. These are random symbols that give an increase to the total coefficient. The player should not forget that for a prize combination of symbols you can get a multiplier of more than x1000. Multiplier allows you to increase this value several times.

Another feature is the opportunity to buy a bonus round. The prize levels have different characteristics and formats. It can be classic free spins, a round with passing a quest or a round with guessing the closed pictures.

Modern slots include bonus rounds that last not one spin, but about 10-20 spins. Therefore, the provider allows the user to spend money and immediately start playing in the most favorable betting mode.

Buying a bonus has several advantages:

  • The user starts playing in the jackpot mode immediately. It is the bonus tour that includes a record prize amount.
  • The visitor is compensated for his risks. Win in the bonus round is much easier because this round is activated very rarely.
  • The player realizes the advantages of his large bank. Winning in slots is easier if there is a deposit with a reserve. Spend the bank is better not in the usual spins but in the bonus rounds.

The user will familiarize himself with the prize options of modern slots through the payout table. A reference menu is presented in the interface of each slot machine.

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