With an average of over five billion snaps created every single day on Snapchat, people on this social media platform are surely making great use of its filters. Well, talking about filters, Snapchat users have already created millions of filters to date. That is enough to tell you the app has a lot of diverse choices when it comes to filters. So, what are the best filters?

Snapchat filters are making the day of Snapchat users be better each time they use them. Some of you might say that Snapchat sets impossible beauty standards, especially for women. While that may be true, you should also know that everybody who uses filters does it on their own, for themselves. So if they choose to look physically better with filters, it is still their choice. 

What are the best filters? Here, we will find out the best filters for selfies made for guys and girls. Guess what, 30 of them. Then, you might want to use them too. 

6 Best Snapchat Filters For Selfies

Selfies are showing no signs of unpopularity, especially since everyone seems to have their favorite selfie poses. Be it your right profile or left, if you are taking a selfie on Snapchat, it has to make you look your very best. Check out these highly recommended filters for selfies.

Macbook hearts by UNDER 25 SJC

It really does not matter whether it is Valentine’s day or not with this filter. The Macbook hearts filter is just too cute to be set aside. The little blur and pink blush hearts are all you need to stand out among your friends on social media. 

Blush Tone

This is another great filter on Snapchat that inverts the colors a bit. More than inverting them, it really brings pop to the color. Plus, it looks super cool, too, with selfies. Try this today.

Ciao Mood

Are you feeling a little Italian? This Snapchat filter is a fave. It makes everything so smooth while creating that chic vibe. Ciao, indeed.

Vibrant Selfie

Vibrant Selfie is another unique filter on Snapchat that will bring the color out of your photos. Try this, too, now.

Bright Filter

When it comes to putting the best Snapchat filters for selfies, nothing beats this. The Bright Filter is something that can turn a dull picture into a beautiful one.

Soft Filter Multi-Person

This Snapchat filter is truly soft in every manner. The Soft Filter Multi-Person can modify the faces of groups.

5 Best Snapchat Filters For Guys

Usually, guys on Snapchat do not use beauty filters. But we may be stereotyping, so here are some of the best Snapchat filters that will look good on guys.

Simple Love

Simple Love is a pretty cool Snapchat filter that anybody can use, but it looks best on boys. No extra enhancements and no changes in colors. It is a very simple filter at that.

L85 Effect

Meanwhile, this filter is a bit dramatic, but trust us, it will look great with mirror selfies or basically anything that is not overly colorful.

Indie x Noise

Don’t we all love a little blurred filter? This one just makes our photos the perfect ones. Yes, Indie x Noise does all the magic. 

BW Film

If you are a fan of black-and-white drama, you should try the BW Film filter. This should be on your Snapchat filters bucket list. 

Sunset Lamp

Surely, you have seen or come across those pictures on Instagram with all those beautiful lamp lights. Guess what? This type of filter is also available on Snapchat. Just for you. 

5 Best Snapchat Filters For Guys To Make You Look Better

Guys, you already look dashing, but these Snapchat filters will even make you look better. They are beautiful, cool, and all the way classy. Let’s start the countdown. 


The HDR filter makes you feel like you are in the middle of a shoot, plus the camera grid really does that for you. It has minimal drama but a lot of elegance, so make sure to try this Snapchat filter at least once. 


mood is another black-and-white filter that should definitely be on your list. 


Meanwhile, Moods is a filter that makes your picture a little blurry with the text “moods” written in the middle of the picture. Surely, you will pull this filter off really well. Try it now. 

Black Face Mask

Wearing face masks has become an irreversible fashion trend when the pandemic hit. So, Snapchat has created a filter for that. Nothing can look better than some background blur, dual-chrome, and the trendy black face mask. You will love this filter. 

Vintage Film

And last but certainly not least in this category is the Vintage Film Snapchat filter. It is excellent for those who love to make memories out of photos while keeping you looking your best. 

6 Best Snapchat Filters For Beauty

Here are more popular Snapchat filters you should not dare miss without trying.

Blush Tone

This filter puts something fabulous on the areas of your cheeks. The blush never goes out of style, and this Snapchat filter is proof of that. 

Smooth Soft Skin

This filter enhances the way your skin looks, making your skin tone appear more even so you shine like you are in the middle of the spotlight. Be the celebrity you have always dreamed of being. 

Pink Butterflies

Snapchat’s Pink Butterflies filter is also one of the favorites. The light dim, purple butterflies look great on everybody, especially on women. 

Love You Baby ❤

Show how you love your friends or family members by sending them a picture of you with the “Love you baby” text on the photo. Plus, it comes with a cute heart emoji too.

Airy Shadows 

This filter gives a little pink on your lips, evens out your skin tone, and places a lovely blush on your face that, all in all, just looks perfect. This will make you look even more beautiful. 

Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

This filter will make you look like the queen of the lush gardens as it places adorable butterflies on your photo. 

3 Best Snapchat Anime Filters 

Love anything and everything anime? Well, these anime Snapchat filters will spoil you with what you love. We begin with the Anime Style Lens filter.

Anime Style Lens 

With this Snapchat filter, you can look like your favorite anime characters. Try it today. 

Love Anime Filter Lens

You might have seen this used by your social media friends and are wondering how to get that filter. Well, your seemingly endless search for this kind of filter has come to a close. 

Cute Anime Lens

Look like your anime crush whom you swoon over with this Cute Anime Lens filter. 

5 Best Snapchat Filters For Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies are life. If you maintain streaks, then you would know how much netizens love to snap mirror selfies and post them everywhere online. If you want some for your own, here are a few good options to try. 

mirror aesthetic

Suddenly felt the urge to take a mirror selfie, but you do not have a mirror close by? Use this filter. This filter presents an aesthetic mirror on the screen. The clear tone also rightly adjusts the light, and there you have it, a great Snapchat filter for mirror selfies.

Caramel Brown

Caramel Brown is also the perfect Snapchat filter for mirror selfies. Its undertone, brown shade, and perfect balance of light make it come really clean when you use this. 

polaroid | Best Snapchat Filter for mirror selfie

If you want a touch of Polaroid-style photography for your Snapchat photos, you better be using this filter. Many of us love Polaroid pictures, and now, there are more reasons to love it even further.

Love | Perfect Filter For Mirror Selfies

Speaking of love, there is also the Love Snapchat filter for mirror selfies. Glow like never before with this filter. Plus, you can tap on your screen to see multiple “i love you’s” popping on the screen. Then, share your photo with your friends and relatives. 

bw grain Filter on Snapchat

This filter makes you look your very best. If you have not tried this yet, now is the time to. 

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