Games producer Microids announced that their “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” video game is getting a DLC upgrade. In true WWTBaM? style, they broke the news in an online press release with a question asking: What is being said about the first DLC for Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? …and then offered a selection of  four multiple choice answers 

A: That it’s packed with content

B: That it’s available now on consoles and PC

C: That it’s fun for all

D: All of the above

They went on to explain that the answer is, of course, D.

They had recently released upgrades for the game’s PC, PS4, and Xbox versions. Then they launched a complete version (main game and upgrade) for the Nintendo Switch in June. The new content gives players 3,000 additional questions, new question packs, and a new shorter game mode.

Like Being a Contestant on the Screen

Microids say their game is the closest you can get to being on the show while not leaving home. The familiar pattern of the TV show is simulated. Players have to reach the top of the ladder by answering increasingly difficult questions to claim the top prize.

A Test of General Knowledge

As on the TV show, contestants’ general knowledge is tested. Some of the questions appear straight forwards; some are deliberately designed to wrong-foot the player. To win, the player must answer all 15 without missing one to get to the top. There are 8,000 questions on just about every subject, including history, sport, science, art, and literature. Gamers will need to have nerves of steel to claim the top spot.

Lifelines included

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? lifelines have been etched into our cultural consciousness. So they are an integral part of the Microids game too. In this video game version, expect the familiar ‘Phone a Friend, ‘Ask the Audience,’ and ’50:50′ lifelines. In addition, there is a chance to ‘Switch the Question’ option to help the player succeed in their quest.

Just the Beginning

Microids say that there will be more content coming later in the year. Look out for new question packs covering topics like sports, movies, and even questions relating to video game characters. The 3,000 new questions bring the total question pool up to 8,000. These include specialist areas, such as The Olympic Games and The Justice League.

Different Game Modes

There is now an option to remove the timer if answering at speed makes gameplay too tense. This allows all players to take their time before submitting their final answer.

There is also a ‘quick game’ mode which only has questions and answers so that a player can reach the ‘million’ faster. In addition, new animations create a more immersive experience for the contestants. The developers say the game has the look and feel of the actual game show. 

Playing for Real Money 

While the video game claims to be the closest you can get to the TV show without being there, it does not offer players the chance to win real money. However, Big Time Gaming’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Megapays online video slot provides just that. The mega jackpot begins at £300,000 and can be played for free with no wagering casino bonus. The theme tune plays away in the background as the participant aims to match symbols across the reels. This version of the game has been fully optimized for mobile devices.

A Lasting Legacy

Christ Tarrant was the original host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire when it launched in 1998 in the UK. It ran on ITV for 592 episodes before Tarrant retired and the show came off air. However, it was brought back in 2018 with Jeremy Clarkson as the quizmaster. The Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? TV shows, and international variants of it, have been aired in 160 countries worldwide. 

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