Every one of us has goals and aspirations that we hope to live up to. These goals act as a destination that we need to get to. Some of these can be to build up a successful career or to marry someone amazing. The steps would then include working your hardest in school or meeting new people everywhere. Some dedicated their life goals to achieving the impossible. One way to do this is to partake in an extreme sport and enjoy every second of it. To put it simply, everyone should take time out to live this daringly at least once. The adrenaline rush alone is worth it and you get to tell a dangerous story.

These extreme sports act as conversation starters and a boost to your self-esteem. Knowing you did what is considered extreme is a big boost to your confidence. More than that, it becomes a topic to talk about and impress others. A common theme between people who have participated in these is that it is an unforgettable experience. The anticipation makes it seem like the next few minutes will be your last. In reality, the next few minutes turn out to be the best in your life. Below are some of these sports that you should try at least once.

1: River Rafting

River rafting is the process of sailing in a raft across a river with fast waves and bouncy water. There are different speeds and unique rivers that are used for a variety of skill levels. The beginner levels will prove to be an adrenaline rush for the uninitiated. The fast-moving waves make you feel like the raft will topple at any second. More than that, little bumps along the way fill the raft with cold water that wakes you up.

It is usually a team exercise and can be a test of coordination between you and your friends. Paddling at the same time with the same rhythm is key to moving the way you want. If the paddling is unsynchronized then be prepared to face waves head-on. The rush is well worth the fear and the achievement you cross after the experience is mighty. River rafting can be done almost everywhere where there are rapids and a flowing river.

2: Sky-Diving

One of the most common tests of your bravery is to go skydiving at least once. This is done in almost every country and is the life goal of many. What makes it so worthwhile is also because of the prerequisites needed for it beforehand. A bunch of licenses has to be acquired and documents have to be signed. After all that, a training course has to be taken that prepares you for every situation.

Once all of this is done is when the enjoyment begins. It is common for your legs to tremble even when you are on the ground. When seeing for the first time the height you will be jumping from can make you shiver. All of the anxiety disappears the moment you disembark the plane with an instructor. The wind crashes wildly and you surprisingly feel at ease. It is a perspective of the world that you can only see while you skydive. The experience changes you for the better and you lose the fear factor.

3: Jet-Skiing

If you are a fan of the ocean then you will almost certainly love to ride a Jet Ski. This is a water vehicle used to zoom across waves at fast speeds and enjoy the ride. What makes it amazing is the fact that you have the entire ocean at your disposal. While you won’t traverse that far, just the sheer scale is enough to give you a sense of freedom. You can move in any direction and the Jet Ski is usually easy to control. Professionals can even master solid Jet Skiing tricks that wow others.

There are so many possibilities with Jet Skis on the ocean. A friendly race with your friends or family to name an example. One of the best feelings about Jet Skis is the serenity and openness they bring. This is an experience everyone should try once because they won’t regret it.

4: Bungee Jumping

A great way to test yourself and push yourself to the limits is with Bungee Jumping. This is the process of jumping off of buildings or bridges that are very tall. You do this all with a rope tied to you of course yet the experience is very daring. Only the most courageous people manage to pull it off and many turn back at the last second. If you consider yourself brave then put it to the test via bungee jumping.

This can be done in many places and is a trademark attraction of some cities. The pressure and stress you feel when on the platform are unparalleled. If you do manage to fight through it and go ahead with the jump then you return a changed person. This is one of those experiences that everyone should do to combat their fears.


Many people prefer to relax in different ways such as watching TV or gardening. These can be fun activities especially gardening which you can learn about at guyabouthome. The extreme sports summarised above are next level and often act as a personality trait. It is not necessary to complete each and everyone but doing even one is worth it. Just know that if you complete one, you will be motivated to complete the others too.

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