Ever since the pandemic hit the world, connected television, abbreviated as CTV has made a significant place in people’s lives.  People have now started to watch more content on a smart TV – more than ever. Additionally, people no longer rely on cables and satellites. In simpler words, we are now connected to other forms of media. Our viewer experienced has been improved significantly.

Even though television shows are more connected to us, another exciting feature that keeps us sane in times like these is gaming. And with the inception of the CTV technology, gamers are able to experience gaming like never before.

The games that they played on the phone can now be experienced more closely by playing them on a larger screen through a CTV. The excitement that playing games bring with it can now be felt several times stronger. The gamer can now feel more involved in the game. That’s what CTV gaming is all about – an out-of-the-world gaming experience!

If you’re new to this technology but want to give it a try after seeing all the hype, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed down 5 of the best CTV games that you can start with – and never stop!


Crazino is a video game, similar to any other video slot machine game. It was created by Playcent games and is now considered as the basis of CTV’s chief pioneers. The game is uniquely designed, keeping you hooked as all the thrill of a real casino is offered.

The game can be played for free and doesn’t require you to make any microtransactions. For this reason, it is considered a safe platform to play the game alongside having loads of fun. The game offers jackpots, bonuses, promotions, free spins with no risk associated with it.

The game casino includes themes. For instance, the theme Vegas heats is centered on an eponymous American city. However, Legends of Haoyun is created in East Asian countries such as Macau.

All you are required to do is to press the button. Wheels start spinning, and you are benefitted from jackpots and free spins. However, keep in mind that the essential feature of the game doesn’t involve real money.


We all have played this game endlessly at some point in our lives. Back in the day, it was one of the most popular games played on mobile phones. The retro game brings back all the nostalgia.

You can play the game in better features on your CTV. It is now bigger than ever on all CTV forums. The game is a bit different now but in a better way. You are now allowed to opt for any of the game styles. You can have control over the snake’s speed.

Plus, you can alter settings as per your preferences. In simpler words, the game is offered with a modern twist.


If you are on a break from your everyday schedule and looking for a game with exciting features, this is for you! It is the best fit! The game requires you to break things virtually, which means help you to ease off the stress.

The game aims to break the blocks as many as you can with the help of balls present at your disposal. You can collect balls, too, helping you to boost up the game. Ballbreaker is a game that is easy at first. However, the game level turns difficult as soon as you level up. Thus, it constantly challenges you.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is the perfect game for your little ones. People who are young at heart can also play the colorful game with no shame. The game starts with the easy level at first but turns to be demanding as you pass levels.

It offers you challenges when you are on a difficult level. The game is colorful, attracting little ones on a larger scale. Plus, you get to test your child’s mental ability in the game. The game features a navigating rainbow alongside a range of obstacles. The obstacles presented are geometric in shape. Thus, the simple features make it easy for everyone.


Unarguably, the Maze is a classic game. Back in the day, it was still famous as it is today. The game is exciting and keeps you hooked all along. Plus, it is the most accessible game to play whenever you need a distraction. It reduces stress significantly.

The game offers 450 altered labyrinths, and you are allowed to opt from any of these. These are all present in retro 2D style. In addition, the game offers quite a few options for settings.  You are allowed to opt from three different settings.

Therefore, you are constantly challenged in one way or another.

The other options of classic games, listed as follows are:

  • Candy care bear
  • Tic tac toe
  • Cups and balls
  • Darts
  • Fruit cutter and more…..

For more game choices, visit this website and get started!

These games keep you intrigued till the last minute. In addition, the games mentioned above are for all ages. Play these games with your child on a CTV and spend quality time with your family.

Games are an integral part of everyone’s life today. They keep you sane and ease off your stress. In addition, they offer you a chance to spend quality time with your family. And with the CTV, you’re up for bigger excitement, bigger fun, and a massive leveling up on your gaming experience.