Gaming is the new craze in 2021 and is bound to increase its presence within the essays league. It has raised a lot of attention and provided a chance to rethink its value, especially for providing the much-needed entertainment during quarantine days. You should not be surprised to find an essay topic on gaming in your next test.

Gaming topics feature in a variety of study areas including IT, mental health, sociology, and sports, among others. You can buy custom essay to free more of your time and allow you to enjoy more gaming hours while in college.

The new perspective in gaming has caused a lot of teachers to consider essay topics on the subject. However, before choosing any topic, there are fundamental considerations to make so that your paper is considered interesting and academically relevant.


While academic work is considered a serious undertaking, every reader wants to have some fun with academic papers. That fun begins with the title of your paper. It must promise fun and academic entertainment by being interesting to read.

An interesting topic in gaming should provoke the thoughts of a reader. It causes even the most experienced gaming scholar to pause and give your paper attention. If the topic is interesting, every reader will want to dig into the body of your paper.

An interesting topic comes from an area you are passionate about. In gaming, identify an aspect that fascinates your imagination. You will enjoy researching the topic as well as writing an insightful paper.

Begin by researching the subject before crafting the title. In the course of the Literature Review, you will come across new and interesting ideas that can anchor your paper. Use these ideas and information to polish your topic and make the paper more interesting to read.

An interesting paper also requires a lot of research. It will only be interesting if it features the strongest ideas on gaming. By researching thoroughly, you avoid repeating ideas already discussed by other writers. The research also gives you a unique angle to pursue.


A relevant topic takes two dimensions. First, it dictates that the discussion must be within your realm of study. For instance, if you are studying gaming and mental health, the topic should indicate that angle. It means that the expectations of the reader will be met.

Secondly, relevance means demands a discussion that addresses prevailing challenges or discourse in gaming. Avoiding old and mundane topics that have already been addressed or do not arouse any academic interest. The person reading must find value in your work.

The topic acts as a promissory note you give to the reader. It indicates the subject you expect to find in the body of your paper. Since it generates expectations, the body of your paper must fulfill this promise.


Choose a strong and researchable topic in gaming. A researchable topic is one whose perspective is relevant and acceptable for your level of study. For instance, the approach a grade 5 student would give gaming is different from what a Ph.D. student would choose.

It takes a lot of research to develop a strong research idea. Take time to understand the prevailing ideas and discussions on the subject. Based on your level of study, choose the most appropriate topic in gaming.

A strong topic also raises the right academic questions worth discussing. If a perspective has been discussed for a while, skip it and look for newer ideas. You will capture the attention of your reader because you have new information to provide.


Academic writing is a quest to provide new information and perspectives. The development of gaming is now a focal point for a lot of discussions. Sociologists want to know how gaming is helping people to interact. The gaming industry is of interest to finance students. Health experts also want to understand the effect of gaming. Each industry is looking for a new way to understand and express gaming. Provide that freshness in your essay.

A fresh perspective in gaming can only come out of extensive reading. Literature Review helps you to understand what other scholars have to say about the topic. You also interact with alternative ideas, helping you to shape your perspective better in the process. Once you choose a topic, it will be new yet have considered the views and findings of scholars who came before you.


Choose a unique gaming topic to discuss in your paper. A lot of writers have studied gaming for a while now. It makes no academic sense to repeat their ideas, even when you have to put them in different words. Choose a unique study topic that captures the attention of any reader.

A unique topic requires a bit of imagination. Avoid the obvious subjects that everyone can choose to discuss. Find a twist or perspective that would make your paper outstanding among all others in the class. Everyone will want to read through your paper because it is a promising idea that cannot be found anywhere.


An essay only provides limited space to make your point. You must make your point within the few pages provided to write the paper. Choose a specific subject to discuss.

A specific subject guides you on the areas to research. It helps your paper to focus on a specific area, giving readers a reason to dig deeper. Define your boundaries and you will have the most interesting paper to read.

Here are some of the most interesting topics to surprise your teacher on gaming

  1. How gaming improved mental health during quarantine
  2. Use of gaming to develop a more sociable generation
  3. Gaming as a career
  4. Application of gaming principles in other aspects of life
  5. Gaming as a family activity

It is interesting to explore the subject of gaming in your essay. With new perspectives, you will deliver the most interesting paper to earn excellent grades. You will also enjoy the process of writing since you will be researching an interesting subject.

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