In a world where medical expenses are constantly on the rise and treatment options are getting more advanced and costly, not having a health insurance policy can spell doom for your overall financial well-being. A single hospitalization instance could put your finances in jeopardy and drain your savings in no time.

That’s when the best health insurance acts as a safety net against rising medical inflation. Yet, while looking for health insurance coverage, you need to keep a few things in mind to meet your healthcare needs with optimum benefits.

So, let’s consider the things you need to keep track of while choosing the best health insurance policy!

Network of Hospitals

The right medical insurance providers have some of the top hospitals in their network. So, ideally, you should check the number and quality of healthcare providers on the list. Also, make sure you compare insurers and their respective healthcare providers. While choosing a suitable plan, ensure that there are plenty of quality network hospitals in your area of residence, promising reliable medical care during emergencies.

In-patient Hospitalization and Day Care Procedures

The quality of in-patient hospitalization cover and coverage for daycare procedures are vital indicators of the insurance service provider’s reputation. Under in-patient hospitalization expenses, verify that the health plan involves no hidden caps essentials like room rent, charges for consumables or non-consumables, Covid-19 coverage, or organ donor cover, among others. Also, when it comes to daycare procedures referring to the hospitalization for less than 24 hours, don’t forget to check the list of procedures covered. According to your needs, compare the procedures and medical expenses covered to choose the ideal insurer.

No Copayments

The best health covers generally come without any copayment requirements and provide complete coverage for all charges that the insurer would bear in the event of hospitalization. Copayments can become burdensome in cases of serious illness, where even a fraction of the copayment requirement means you end up paying lakhs. Therefore, it’s best to stick with plans that don’t bound you to make a co-payment per claim, unless you are a senior citizen or suffering from specific ailments.

Coverage for Traditional Medicine and Advanced Procedures

The best health plans cover traditional medicine and advanced procedures, to ensure comprehensive medical facilities for all. There are certain illnesses requiring a combination of traditional and modern treatment, including AYUSH and robotic surgeries. So, it would be in the policy holder’s best interest to choose a health cover offering alternative and modern treatment coverage.

No Caps on Treatment Charges

Imagine having to bear more than half of the treatment cost, resulting in you spending a high amount just because your insurance plan comes with a price ceiling. Therefore, you must choose a plan with no caps on treatment charges to ensure that you can access treatment hassle-free without worrying in difficult times. So, make sure that you check with your insurance service provider if there is a cap on any treatment cost.

Securing Your Health with One of the Best Health Insurers

Care Health Insurance is one of the leading health insurance providers offering some of the best health insurance policies. Their policies provide complete cashless coverage for hospitalization, coverage for AYUSH, advanced surgeries, no caps on room rent, no copayments, and extensive coverage for a wide range of daycare procedures. Besides, they have one of the best claims settlement ratios in the industry while ensuring a hassle-free claim filing process.

Now that you know what you should consider before buying a health insurance policy in India, it is advisable to check out Care Health Insurance’s official website for buying the right health insurance for yourself and your family. Health insurance is an investment that each of us must make to ensure a financial safety net protecting us during unprecedented times.

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