Real money betting involves making a deposit to the client’s account, as well as the subsequent withdrawal of winnings. Each sports betting site offers its own set of methods of payment and withdrawal of won funds, and in such an amount that many players find themselves at a loss.

The choice of all kinds of online casinos is simply huge, so to speak, for every taste. At the same time, there are certain factors that influence the choice of a sports betting platform. In addition to just “fun” and pleasure, players want to win and withdraw the won money with minimal losses. How profitable is it to make a deposit?

That is why it is far from superfluous to have knowledge of various payment systems that will help you make a deposit or withdraw money from your account in the most convenient way. For each country, and just for each player, completely different payment systems can become such a convenient way: someone prefers credit or debit cards, but someone is attracted by electronic payment systems.

When describing payment systems, we have highlighted the main criteria that may be important for the player. So these factors are:

  • When did the payment system appear and how widespread is it in the world?
  • What is the commission of this payment system?
  • How secure is the use of the payment system? Are there levels of user identification (passport data, additional documents, personal visit to the office, etc.)
  • What are the hidden fees and additional costs?
  • How quickly do funds come to the account of a sports betting site when making a deposit and how quickly can funds be withdrawn from the resource? Are there any withdrawal restrictions?
  • What types of currencies can be used in the payment system?
  • Are there special discounts for certain payment methods?
  • “Pros” and “cons” of the payment system?
  • Councils for using the payment system.

1. Visa

One of the most popular electronic payment systems in the world. With the help of debit and credit cards of this system, you can make a payment and receive a win in almost all sports betting sites, due to its widespread use.

Before linking a card to your sportsbook account, carefully read the payment section on the gaming website itself. It is there that all the nuances of depositing and withdrawing funds should be indicated. As a rule, if you replenish your account with a certain card, then the withdrawal will be made to it.

The bank commission for replenishing the card is 1.5%. It is better to replenish your personal account in the sportsbook immediately for a significant amount because the welcome bonus depends on its size, and the larger the amount, the more you will receive as a gift.

2. MasterCard

It is used by almost all banks around the world. Today MasterCard is Visa’s main competitor and consists of more than 25,000 financial institutions located in 210 countries around the world.

3. Neteller

Neteller is an international electronic payment system founded in 1999. Currently, payments are made to more than 200 countries and in 22 currencies. The client base covers over 2 million active users.

This payment system is available in almost every major sportsbook. When opening an account in the system, pay attention to the currency in which your winnings will be, because during conversion you will lose on commission. It is best to open multiple accounts in different currencies at once in your Neteller account.

4. Skrill

The Skrill (Moneybookers) payment system is widely used by almost all online sports betting sites and allows you to securely place bets and cash out winnings.

At Skrill, users can send money with a credit or debit card, shop in stores and play sportsbooks (place bets and withdraw winnings). Initially, it was only possible to make online transactions, but very soon Skrill began to offer cash cards to its users. At the moment, you can connect MasterCard to your Skrill account and make payments without paper money, or withdraw cash from ATMs.

5. Western Union

Western Union can rightfully be called the oldest American payment system. It appeared back in 1851 and at first, was known as a telegraph. At the moment, the payment network operates on an international scale – over 200,000 branches are active in the world.

This system is not presented in all online betting sites, mainly in the largest ones. Therefore, you must first clarify on the website of each specific online resource about such a possibility. In general, transfers are instant and secure. If earlier it was necessary to personally pay for the transfer at the branches of this payment system, now it is possible to make transfers using a PC or mobile device.

6. WebMoney

One of the most widespread electronic payment systems in the world with over 30 million users.

After registering in the online sportsbook, it is quite easy to transfer money to your account using WebMoney. In the section of payment methods of your chosen online casino, select WebMoney (most often in the subsection e-Wallets). Enter the amount of the transfer and in a new window enter your username for WebMoney.

7. PayPal

In all its years of existence, there has not been a single scandal or hacking of the system, which would lead to the leakage of information or personal data of users. The firm takes this very seriously.


So, we have reviewed the 7 most popular payment methods for the sports betting business in 2021. In fact, there are many reliable methods. Many sportsbooks, including 4ra bet, advise paying more attention to e-wallets because this method of making a deposit and withdrawing funds is the most dynamic and secure.

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