“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world,” said Gustava Flaubert, a French novelist from the 19th century.  This statement has never rung truer than today, with the world in turmoil and people wrapped up in their worlds, magnifying their issues.

This is a great time to gather friends or family and go on a trip together.  Group travel can make memories that will last a lifetime. However, there can be some unique challenges to group travel.

Here are eight essential tips for making the most of group travel.

Tip #1: Agree on a Budget Together

When traveling in a group, it is essential to recognize that only some in the group are working with the same finances.  Some save up all year, while others save for years or several months to afford this big trip you all have planned together. This is why it is essential to agree on a budget together.

Organize a group meeting together or a group chat and have an open discussion on the financial aspects and budgeting for the trip.  The budget has to include accommodation, flights, airport transfers, and group activities.  Once you have squared off the budget, you will already be on a path to a harmonious travel experience

Tip #2: Assign a Leader for the Group

As human nature would dictate, groups of humans work well together when they come together under a leader.  The same applies to group travel. We recommend you assign a leader for the group travel.  This person will be in charge of communications, planning, assigning planning tasks, and coordinating activities like riding with a group.

The group leader is not your travel planner for the entire trip. They are not your travel agent. Division of labor is essential for travel planning. The leader can assign tasks and pull the plan together.

Tip #3: Pick Group Accommodations Over Hotels

Traveling in groups has significant advantages on the financial side of things.  One of them is the ability to rent a house or an apartment for the group instead of picking hotel rooms.  Hotels are rarely flexible on how many people they can accommodate in each room, and booking multiple hotel rooms can be costly.

On the contrary, renting a house or an apartment that can accommodate the group will be far more economical, and the cost per person can sometimes be just a fraction of what it would cost with hotels.

The other side benefit is that you can pick better locations (like beachfront villas) than what hotels can offer.  

Tip #4: Take Advantage of Group Discounts

Keeping with the theme of the financial benefit of traveling as a group, many travel agencies, recreational activity providers, and event organizers offer huge discounts for group bookings.  Take advantage of these discounts and make the most of your time on your travel.

Tip#5: Plan for Some Time Away from Each Other

No matter how much you love your family or friends, you are not meant to spend 24 hours together for a week or two weeks together.  That is different from what you are used to when not traveling, and you will not like it even when traveling.

So, planning to take some time away from each other is essential.  Split up into smaller groups or couples and explore the town you visit.  Go on a nature walk and have some downtime from group festivities.  A  little bit of absence from one another will grow the heart fonder of your time together.

This also helps people plan something out of the consensus.  Not everyone will like everything – so if something was left out from the group consensus because the idea was not very popular with the group, you could take your time apart to explore that activity.

Tip #6:  Make Reservations in Advance

While it is recommended you make restaurant reservations in advance no matter what, it is even more essential to do so when planning a dinner out for a group.  A large group is challenging to accommodate, regardless of the size of the restaurant.  There is some preplanning involved with the staffing and spatial arrangements.  

Advanced space booking is even more essential in popular restaurants in tourist destinations.  So, to avoid disappointment, plan ahead and make reservations in advance for your group of travelers.

Tip #7:  Plan Group Transfers to and from Airport/Train Station

Airport or train station transfer is the first order of business soon after you land and exit the airport.  Your first day of vacation is primarily dictated by how smoothly and swiftly you can arrive at your accommodations.

When traveling as a pair or a small family of four, transfers to hotels from airports are relatively easy and standard.  You can hire a car from the ride-sharing services or hail a taxi and seat four people comfortably with the driver.

However, traveling with a group requires special cars/minivans or even buses to transfer your group to your accommodation.  So, be sure to plan this ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary delays and frustrations.


Traveling as a group can be pretty fun.  The laughs, the conversations, the group photos and videos, and the memories you will build together will be the topic of your family dinner stories for a generation.  If you ever get the opportunity to organize a group travel, jump on it and go – and follow our tips on making the most of group travel.

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