Developed by Toby Fox, “Deltarune” is an RPG where the player assumes the role of a teenage human named Kris, who is destined to save the planet together with the monster Susie and the Dark World prince, Ralsei. 

There are various chapters in this game, the most recent being “Deltarune” Chapter 3. It took around two years before the third chapter was released from the previous chapter. That’s quite a long wait, huh? 

Now, “Deltarune” Chapter 3 is playable from beginning to end. Most of you may have already been immersed or engrossed in this chapter, beating all the bosses there. But, for those who want a little variety and return to the second chapter, here’s a guide on beating every boss in Chapter 2. 

How To Beat Every Boss In ‘Deltarune’ Chapter 2

Because “Deltarune” is not your usual RPG, beating the bosses in this game can be quite a challenge. Instead of simply fighting the enemies with attacks, each bout features a distinctive gimmick you must solve. The goal is not to destroy the monsters but rather just to spare them – and a monster spared might even become your friend! 

Using [ACT] commands during battle, you can eventually wear down the MERCY meter of a monster. As it reaches 100 percent, you can spare the monster and end the bout. For most enemies, things can appear really simple. However, each fight with the boss in the game adds new layers, urging you to figure out solutions to very complex puzzles at times.

Each boss in “Deltarune” has unique mechanics, and the ways to defeat them are also unique. Up next, you will learn the distinct solutions to wear down each boss so that you can use MERCY. Let’s start with Sweet, K_K & Cap’n.

Sweet, K_K & Cap’n

  1. First, dance with Kris so that you can make Cap’n become lost in all those grooves.
  2. Keep on dancing until Susie and Ralsei learn the R-Action and S-Action.
  3. Now, all your three characters can dance simultaneously. 

Berdly (Bumper Car)

  1. To defeat Berdly (Bumper Car), first, you must utilize BumpX to bump into this boss’ car. Each character who makes use of Bump increases MERCY by +12/15/18 percent. 
  2. Then, hit Berdly until you reach 100 percent MERCY, and when you do, you can destroy his bumper car.


  1. Aside from Berdly with the bumper car, there’s also Berdly without the accessories. To defeat this boss, first, choose “Play Smart” or “Play Dumb” to raise Berdly’s MERCY. Or, choose N-Action.
  2. When this boss summons enemies, simply use Sleep Mist to knock them out of the fight. 
  3. You can call Noelle for her healing powers during this tricky battle.


  1. To defeat this boss, you must charge your TP before selecting “Take House.” Remember, the more houses you take, the better. 
  2. Then, choose Defend to build your TP prior to selecting to take four houses. To win, you must try your best to take the houses in the middle. The battle will go on until no more houses can be taken.


  1. Choose “Deal,” then choose “Tell Me More” afterward to gain +20 percent MERCY.
  2. Next, select “Deal,” but don’t give him money.
  3. To heal, simply use “DealHeal.”
  4. Then, select “Take The Deal.”
  5. However, you must not buy insurance when he offers this.
  6. Do not provide him with account access, too.
  7. Finally, take the deal.

Queen & Berdly

  1. There’s also a battle where Berdly is with Queen. To defeat these bosses, first, choose “Group Loosen” to raise the MERCY of Berdly to +15 percent, but “Throw” works better.
  2. As Queen creates a shield, use “Toast” or “Grouptoast” to lower her shield. Using “Grouptoast” will lower her shield even more. 
  3. Now, it is time for you to get rid of the shield. Then, use “Throw.” Try to hit as many marks on the wires as possible to double or triple the amount his MERCY percentage adds up. 
  4. As soon as you free Berdly, you will win the fight.

Giga Queen

  1. Lastly, we have Giga Queen. Avoid her attacks by dodging left or right, then strike to inflict damage to her health bar. 
  2. Now, you must attack to build TP. Although this happens rarely, she also uses attacks wherein you can build TP the usual way. 
  3. When she throws balls at you, simply punch them back. You must complete all three rounds to defeat Giga Queen.
  4. To enhance your dodge speed, use “Turbo Dodge.” For a powerful attack, use “Ducky Mode.”
  5. You also have [Act] and “SELF-FIX” at your disposal so that you can repair yourself. 
  6. However, each round, Giga Queen will garner more combos and attacks. When you see her dancing before attacking, watch which direction her sprite flashes. This will tell you where she will attack. So, simply dodge in the other direction.
  7. To build more TP, use Defend. For this bout, you would want as much TP as possible for healing.
  8. You may also use Attack to deal a little extra damage. And remember, Giga Queen cannot be beaten with MERCY.
  9. In the third round, when Giga Queen is already low on health, wait for her attempt to throw a huge ball. Just punch it several times to launch it back, thereby defeating her. 

Those are the different ways to defeat the game’s different bosses. Refer to this article when you need a guide on beating the bosses in “Deltarune.” Have fun with the game!

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